FISH TAXIDERMY – BASS – Painting, Sealing – Video 4 of 5

How to TAXIDERMY BASS Fish – Video 4 of 5 Covers How to PAINT and SEAL. Step by Step, Easy to Follow Details. SUPPLIES USED IN VIDEO:
Tips, Q & A Forums, List of Supplies I Use and More Videos at My Website: “Everything Wild Taxidermy, Flintknapping, DIY Life”

14 Responses to FISH TAXIDERMY – BASS – Painting, Sealing – Video 4 of 5

  1. Greg Myles

    I've always wanted to try to mount a bass. You've given me the confidence to go for it, thanks.

  2. Dustin Cashwell

    love your videos Mr.Smith! they helped me get started with fish! Thank you

  3. Taxidermy Jon

    Thank you so much for this video it will really help out with my future fish paintin'


    Excellent work , greetings from México .

  5. Corey Reed

    What kind of sealer is this and where to order eyes and I would like to get into mounting for my local fishermen

  6. Micklepickle25

    Would this work on a carp?

  7. Kevin P

    you ever have problems with the paint bleeding on ya when you put the clear coat on thick, it happens to me around the eye, I use water based paint and the polytranspar black does nothing but bleed, also, are you in the process of making a video on any fish with a reproduction head, I would like to try a trout and would like to watch something on it first, thanks

  8. Royce Burt

    this is a really helpful video.  thanks for putting it out there for us.

  9. Magnifico12312

    can you use clear coat as the sealer?

  10. mash7137

    been airbrush painting for over 20yrs most water base paint (all substains) bring to a milk consitancy meaning in a cup do a swish test. fill a cup a third way w mix swish it up on the side and its gravity of return will flow like milk. this mix will spray between 15-20 psi. this work for all types of paint or what ever you want to spray threw the brush(3 tip sizes the lg tip the paint can be heaver) love your work i learned alot, the info was a FYI not saying nothing about what your doing. thank you take care.

  11. Kevin Prinsen

    like you said in the video, you would strip the fish down to something and repaint it, how do you do that exactly, just in case I mess up. im having trouble painting this northern im doing and want it to look nice, its my first fish.

  12. Richard Smith

    Thanks, Joe. Nothing wrong with a shop in the garage. You're right… whatever works. Overhead can kill you. Thanks for the great email and compliments. Good luck to you and email anytime. – Rick

    Website: Everything Wild Taxidermy, Flintknapping, DIY Life

  13. Joe Fazio

    Don't need the big shop Richard. I enjoy your videos showing what it is really like, especially for us beginners. my shop will be my garage or barn. Keeping it real is what it is all about. Thank's for the continued down home instruction, love it.

  14. Richard Smith

    Thanks for emailing and compliment. – Rick

    Website: Everything Wild Taxidermy, Flintknapping, DIY Life

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