Fish is frozen & is brought back to life! (Cryogenic Preservation)

Here’s an example of cryogenic preservation. Do you think we can do this with humans?

19 Responses to Fish is frozen & is brought back to life! (Cryogenic Preservation)

  1. Arya Faeqy

    I don't believe it freezing a fish alive would cause a lot of damage to it. If there is water in its gills, it will completely destroy the hills and the fish won't be able to survive without gills

  2. rumvodkaf1

    Lets see if it can still remember it's name after that

  3. Luke Carter


  4. Smouldering Away

    we did that with frogs 30 years ago problem was tissue damage and they did not live long but a Fool and his Money Shall soon part so I bet you'll sell this to some sucker.

  5. Jason Hatt

    Why are only dead people cryogenically frozen? They should freeze them alive like this fish.

  6. jaytheboss40

    It's alove

  7. Mert Oguz

    those are cold-blooded creatures, fish, frog, reptile… Such creatures as human, dog, bird, monkey cannot be preserved like this. SORRY.

  8. qqqweplr

    can you do a ' Fish is cooked & is brought back to life' Please

  9. Scum Hole

    I'm pretty sure that fish has brain damage

  10. Rushil N

    I know that the reason it can't be done for humans is that during freezing, water droplets turn into crystals that pierce all our tissues.
    Scientists are looking for ways around this.

  11. Omar Elane Jr

    resuscitation is real

  12. Sarah Jones

    it was never dead, it was blinking it's eyes. if you freeze something before it dies, it's not dead, if the ice is at a certain temp it can freeze you but not kill you. you don't need food, you don't pass no waste, you age is frozen. you can live for ever until you unfrozen.
    if you freeze a dead fish, the spirit has left instantly. so unfreeze it after a year and nothing works. if the experiment works the way i say it proves we have a spirit.

  13. The Avenger

    Cruel fucking bastards should be ashamed of themselves.

  14. YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX

    The chinese man has got a camera in his hand and a frozen fish in a pot in front of him. He has only one job to do:
    “Keep the camera on the fucking fish!!!!!“
    Yet he can not accomplish this IMPOSSIBLE, INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TASK and lets the fish go out of the cameras view!!!!!

    What can we say about it??? Well…I don`t know….maybe it`s a fucking FAKE!!

    Just saying….

  15. yermama69

    This is going to fuck up the fresh never frozen claims at restaurants in the future lol.

  16. jason bishop

    if you people want to live into the future after de animation…you talk to me!


    These gooks think there so cool,the fish was frozen quickly,i know that bcuz when he opened the freezer that vapor came out like with dry ice compared to normal.Then he quickly puts it back in water and presto.Plus fish live in water where the top layer of the lake is frozen like a big ice cube.The water under it can reach 40 or 35° so there more used to cold than not.cruel and pretty useless really.

  18. Knight Rhy

    Demolition man… Anyone? Awesome movie about a two men from 1996 I believe (around 1994) get frozen in a Cryogenic jail/prison. But in 2034 I think the villain gets out but because the police never had any crime in 13 years they have no idea on how to stop him. So they released the 2nd guy who was a badass ex cop and he helps them kill the villain.

  19. Anto Anto


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