Fenslerfilm PSA 15 – Help Computer

A boy approaches a dog to pet it saying, “Aw, hell no, what’s up, dog?”, but the dog reacts violently, causing the boy to back away. Mutt arrives and says, “Hey kid, I’m a computer! Stop all the downloadin’!” as the boy steps back from the dog. The dog leaves. Mutt puts his hands on the boy’s shoulders and asks him to, “Help computer.” The boy explains, “I don’t know much about computers, other than, other than the one we got at my house, and my mom put a couple of games on there and I play ’em.” Mutt, either annoyed by this or so angered that his software malfunctions, replies with a garbled robotic message from the NBC series NewsRadio. The sound byte is specifically from season 3, episode 24 entitled “Space”. It is the sound that Dave’s artificially intelligent chair makes when it is being shut down against its will.

This is FenslerfilmPreserve, a YouTube channel dedicated to preserving the classic Fenlerfilm GI Joe PSA parodies. Every single parody has been uploaded here, remastered by Bronx Rican (using the original audio from the PSA and DVD-quality video from the original PSAs).

7 Responses to Fenslerfilm PSA 15 – Help Computer

  1. bjnartowt


  2. Grey Warden23

    hey kid… I'm a compuda

  3. Smigol

    Mutt at The end says:
    -Hush up and Get The fuck out nigga

  4. KidCorporate

    But the downloadin' never DID stop, did it…

  5. Kenny Hunter

    GG brought me here

  6. Paul Abbott

    Paul, whats wrong with my computer?

    DOn't know…

    Stop all the downloading  I guess

  7. Ryan Fink

    impressive restoration you've done here!

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