FEEDING ALL OF MY PETS! | Routine For 30+ Pets

In this video I show you my feeding routine for each one of my animals! your pets diet plays a huge role when it comes to their health, so it’s super important to feed them the best foods possible! When you own a lot of animals like I do, feeding your animals can be time consuming and expensive. make sure you’re committed to feeding your pet properly before buying one!

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adult ball python – large rat
baby ball pythons – rat pup
adult corn snake – adult mouse
baby corn snake – mouse fuzzy
kenyan sand boa – mouse fuzzy
amazon tree boa – adult mouse
milk snake – adult mouse
childrens python – mouse pinky

chameleon – crickets
standings day gecko – crickets + pangea Link: https://www.amazon.ca/Banana-Apricot-Pangea-Complete-Crested/dp/B00L3IDV3G/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1524602350&sr=8-5&keywords=pangea
crested gecko – Pangea (link above)
gargoyle gecko – Pangea (link above)
leopard gecko – super worms + waxworms
african fat tailed gecko – mealworms
blue tongue skink – instinct raw dog food + veggies/fruits Link: https://www.petsmart.ca/dog/food/frozen-food/natures-variety-instinct-raw-bites-dog-food—natural-grain-free-frozen-raw-22467.html

betta fish – dried blood worms Link: https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/food-and-care/food/omegaandtrade-one-freeze-dried-bloodworms-fish-treat-5094368.html
goldfish – omega one goldfish flakes Link: https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/food-and-care/food/omegaandtrade-one-goldfish-flakes-18044.html
tropical fish – omega one super colour Link: https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/food-and-care/food/omegaandtrade-one-super-color-tropical-fish-flakes-18046.html

Rabbits – Oxbow timothy hay, Oxbow rabbit pellets, Oxbow digestive support treats, Veggies Links: https://www.petsmart.ca/small-pet/food-treats-and-hay/hay/oxbow-western-timothy-hay-1834. htmlhttps://www.petsmart.ca/small-pet/food-treats-and-hay/food/oxbow-essentials-adult-rabbit-food-1855.html
Hamsters – Vitskraft vitasmart hamster food, mazuri rat and mouse diet, veggies Links: https://www.petsmart.ca/small-pet/food-treats-and-hay/food/vitakraft-vitasmart-complete-nutrition-hamster-food-1920.html
mice – Vitakraft Vitasmart rat mouse and gerbil food, mazuri rat and mouse diet, veggies Links: https://www.petsmart.ca/small-pet/food-treats-and-hay/food/vitakraft-vitasmart-complete-nutrition-rat-mouse-and-gerbil-food-1922.html
hedgehog: nutro indoor cat food, mealworms Link: https://www.petsmart.ca/cat/food-and-treats/dry-food/nutro-natural-choice-indoor-adult-cat-food-2622.html

pacman frog: pinky mice + earthworm

15 Responses to FEEDING ALL OF MY PETS! | Routine For 30+ Pets

  1. baebyy.j

    i love ur animals and you are so gorgeous

  2. Adventuring Beans

    I love these videos because it makes me feel happy to see animals eat haha. I feel you on intros

  3. bel

    do you feed your leo geckos crickets?

  4. Stacey12 Stacey

    Very interesting video, thanks for sharing! I love your gargoyle gecko, I'm eyeing some up with the same morph! 🙂

  5. Allyssa Harland

    I feel like I wouldn't describe a lot of youtubers as "nice" or "friendly" but just by watching your videos I feel like I would label you as such, I love your videos and your pets 🙂

  6. Love of Pets

    I like the bunnies and betta the most.

  7. Tiffy Cavy

    Hey Emma! I just wanted to say that don't feed too much or my Mazuri to your mice. It has too much protein, other than that, AMAZING!!!

  8. Reptiles Plus

    Just an FYI, Wax worms are already high in calcium. No need to add additional calcium to them.

  9. Super Super

    Seriously you say your snake doesn't eat frozen………. Like Taylor Nicole Dean

  10. mary quinn

    You are amazing
    One of the best people on earth

  11. Fabiana Costa

    Love your blue tongue! Been looking for one for more than a year now! Loved the video, even the snake feedings.
    My pets also eat better than me… My +50 fish, 2 cats, 2 rats and 1 dog. I spend at least an our daily prepping and cooking for them.
    Keep it up! Can't wait to see more about that saltwater project!

  12. Jessica Burkey

    Seriously your videos are so fun to watch!!!! I've learned so from you and your pets are the cutest ever!!!

  13. Anouk Stegeman

    Hi Emma! Do you also feed your hedgehog vegetables and fruits or only cat food and insects? It's better to feed them veggies and fruits too. 🙂

  14. Sabrina Manero

    can you please show how you keep your feeder insects ??

  15. Sophia chavez

    You put so much care into your animals nutrition! ILYSM ❤️

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