Far Cry 5 – How To Recruit Peaches The Mountian Lion

If you want an animal friend who can straddle the middle lane between Boomer the dog’s versatility and Cheeseburger the bear’s raw power in Far Cry 5, Peaches is the wild cat for you.
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17 Responses to Far Cry 5 – How To Recruit Peaches The Mountian Lion

  1. Drew K

    Peaches is a cougar not a mountain lion

  2. Yanzheng Liu

    So we only could have 3 animal?

  3. Indy Jones

    Peaches won't show up .. got the bait, went out to where Peaches should be, killed some cultists and I've spent like 45min throwing treats everywhere in the mission zone, but no peaches. — Any way to restart or something?

  4. bendtobrake

    Very helpfull thank you

  5. CMF Productions

    It wont let me talk to Mrs mable

  6. Juicy

    They should have made one pet an eagle and it would scout the area

  7. TJM Matthews29

    i seen to have forgotten to pick up the bait food for peaches the cougar, is there anyway i can restart the mission over without losing my progression ?

  8. freelancer worrier

    shes a cougar bou!!!!

  9. Electrics

    its a puma / cougar ya f morons

  10. The Flapping Frogs

    Cougar not lion

  11. tech68

    I cant talk to her for some reason

  12. ugh xr500a

    jez what a grumpy old bag

  13. lonewolf031

    Poor peaches.

  14. Lisandro Santos

    She can revive you like boomer do?

  15. Megaproductions302

    This also unlocks an achievement too if I am not mistaken.

  16. Ricsi és Scott

    I hate the cats

  17. Sasuke Trollchiha

    0:15 Peaches has heterochromia

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