Family Guy – Brian Enters Dog Show

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16 Responses to Family Guy – Brian Enters Dog Show

  1. Hussein Almunajam

    I thought that balloon was his butthole

  2. kenshinta dorker

    3:37 wtf? Lol

  3. Nwaobiara Evulukwu

    I like how she is looking at him

  4. Firey leafy 2

    Damn that other dog

  5. Gavin Coad

    I wish Brian had sex

  6. Gustavo Santos

    man this
    is so sad

  7. Holga Vera

    Mmmmm un misterio la mamá de el esta hay

  8. Swegboy_ Stewie

    LOL they are talking while she’s getting it

  9. Sugar Daddy


  10. leo vatan


  11. Kaneki !One eyed King neko! Ken

    "The winning bitch" lmao

  12. *BLADEZ*

    Nice 4th wall 9/11 break

  13. Luke Charles

    Did anyone noticed Brian got Chucked or is it just me.

  14. RDKRL

    So Brian is a cuck now? 🙁

  15. Meme God Don

    This is the second time they used a body part joke for Brian (first was with his penis)

  16. Brandon Wolford

    Brian you lucked out man you have no balls

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