Do it Yourself Taxidermy

A video showing the entire process on how to mount a fish. (Yellow Perch). I learned how to do this from other youtube videos and online articles. I am not a professional taxidermist. This video is to show the process and show that anybody can do it.

7 Responses to Do it Yourself Taxidermy

  1. Lexie Abel Animals

    What a horrible horrible thing and person

  2. Ethan Downie

    does this smell??

  3. wet trout

    why do you need to paint them? do the scales get dull or something?

  4. Sam Beamer

    Please do another tutorial or re upload with sound

  5. April Rachel

    I plan to try this!

  6. sultan singh chambyal

    most simplistic vid. thanks.

  7. The Fishin' Dad

    really interesting. well done!

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