DIY Stuffed Animal Taxidermy

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Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!

11 Responses to DIY Stuffed Animal Taxidermy

  1. Slinky Wolf

    It's kinda cute, but it actually physically hurt to watch you decapitate that elephant >.<

  2. Themoontoon Shines

    Too good! We were closing our eyes while the decapitation went on!

  3. ༼ つ ·_ ·༽つ

    People need to get a grip

  4. Melody Jones

    you can use brown acrylic paint and water to make a stain

  5. sandra williamson

    rip poor animal

  6. Iron Pic Gaming


  7. LilRedFox05

    "We will just leave his elephant body here to bleed out and die"
    Me: it is fine, I did not want to sleep anyway.

  8. Roma Tomato

    POOR THING !!!!!!!!

  9. An Aspie Fangirl

    I would do a bulldog because most of my family is a Georgia college football fan (the mascot is a bulldog) and I'm not (Go Bama! Roll Tide!). I could do a bulldog because the 2016 season was horrible for their team, and I could be funny and say that the Bulldogs fanbase is slowly dying!

  10. Melie

    this is kind of cute in a creepy way!!

  11. Leigh Carver

    not as cool as real taxidermy but still cool. I would do a unicorn.

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