DIY How to Cape a Trophy Whitetail Deer Head for Mounting

In this video professional taxidermist Chris Goch of Backwoods Taxidermy shows and explains how to correctly cape a whitetail buck.

12 Responses to DIY How to Cape a Trophy Whitetail Deer Head for Mounting

  1. NZ shooter

    Awesome video thank you

  2. Hisslave1

    The screwdriver trick is awesome. I've caped out a bunch and it was always tedious around the bur with a knife. Some fine looking work in the background as well.

  3. Gregg Garrett

    Finally! A camera man that pays attention! The fact that you use the small xacto lets us see what is going on too. This is the
    'go to" tutorial. Thank you both.

  4. Paw ne si

    I like your deer head and it is cool and awesome I like your deer and I want a deer head

  5. Jack JASIONEK

    So I just take it to a butcher and he'll Cale the buck

  6. David Becker

    What two points do you measure with the calipers

  7. Kelly Leonard

    where can I see the finishing results of this taxidermy?

  8. Vital Point

    Very informative & clear video. Thank you

  9. Savage_Beast_SP

    Looking to find taxidermist lessons near me so i can learn to do this


    Awesome tutorial!

  11. Lorena Ratti

    muy bueno yo tengo una de antilope para asr

  12. Amanda O

    Wait did you hunt the thing

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