DIY Fiberglass Resin Taxidermy Fish Mount

This is how I mounted the huge perch my son caught while fishing with his grandpa and I. I used to practice taxidermy as a teenager, and mounted several fish by the skin mounting method. This is my first try making a taxidermy fish mount by making a sand mold and casting using fiberglass resin. I am very pleased with the results. Try it out yourself! I learned the hard way……spray the mold with non-stick cooking spray before you pour the fiberglass in!

4 Responses to DIY Fiberglass Resin Taxidermy Fish Mount

  1. THE GOLDEN EAGLE Streamer

    Why didn't you use the actual fish? That's not taxidermy… That's just a mold modle. I would suggest doing the skin and stuff method.

  2. Mr. Uglystick

    My pb perch is 2 lbs he is mounted on my wall with my 43in northern

  3. PA Outdoorsman

    What kind of paint did you use

  4. EDB Outdoors

    That was an amazing perch

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