DIY Endless Calendar from Wood

DIY Endless Calendar from Wood

In today’s video I want to show you how to make amazing perpetual calendar from wood. It shows date, week day and month. The best thing that this calendar never will be out of date! All needed measurments are included in this video. Don’t wait, build your own endless calendar 🙂

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Music: “Bumbly March – Music to Delight” Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (

16 Responses to DIY Endless Calendar from Wood

  1. Kanoooz 554

    Or you could just look at the time and date on your phone or any other device…

  2. Jonas Rahbek

    Feel like I need to laser cut this one – make it tiny and gears.

    Anyones got an idea for the different number of days in a month.

  3. 凯白

    0:18 that my bithday

  4. Grace Bissell

    This might work with resin pieces and it could be clear………..I think it would look cool

  5. AntiClimactic

    Anyone else notice that it was the day X died..? They kept using June 18 and I wanted to cry tbh

  6. Mei Hou Chung

    This is so cool! Unfortunately I don't have the tools for it and moreover I'm too lazy to make this. Great to watch you making it though.

  7. I love hamburger *AND SPRITE*

    why is it so satisfying watching this?

  8. Meepbadabop

    0:15 to 0:25
    When someone is tired of your shit

  9. AndyPlayz27

    Instructions not clear…
    …Got cat stuck in the ceiling fan.

  10. ØØf.Queen he

    0:14 me

  11. Fiez Andromeda

    This is great wow

  12. Meg Griffin

    What are the other boxes and the stands cutouts? Also did you use regular paint for the wood?

  13. Lucas Pestana

    how did he??????

  14. babietinhyeu

    Can you provide all the measurements – for the months and days of the week?

  15. Beetlebob Andrew

    Yea *Diy*. Just grab a drill, an automated chainsaw and go out of your way to buy industrial glue, just to make a calendar
    D i fucking y?

  16. Dragonare 17

    Wait if 30 or 31 how does it know?

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