Different Types of Taxidermy

Sorry if this isn’t the best video (and that you can hear my dog playing with his squeaky toy in the background…and the dryer tumbling, lol). I wanted to make a video talking about different types of taxidermy, especially including some newer/lesser known types of taxidermy. The only thing that I know I failed to cover is rogue taxidermy. Feel free to ask questions or share your knowledge in the comments section. =)

No I did not kill any of these animals, I’m just a collector. Yes most if not all of those animals were hunted or trapped, some as nuisance animals and some for “sport”. I didn’t buy any from the original hunters/trappers but yes it is still in a way supporting their actions by proxy. None of these animals are illegal to own, were poached, or otherwise obtained through any kind of illegal activity. Yes I am ok with hunting and trapping so long as it is done legally and is managed.

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  1. curlew ben

    great vid, and very nice collection you have there.

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