Derren Brown Advertising Agency Task

Derren Brown wields his powers of perception and mind manipulation over the unsuspecting and the sceptical.

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20 Responses to Derren Brown Advertising Agency Task


    Я один тут от Соболева?

  2. Rossclairborne

    I always ask when will Society as a whole accept that this is going on for political not just commercial ends and Society as currently constituted is a created entity and did not evolve organically?

  3. justsignmeup911

    I hope people who watch this know that it's a magic trick and nothing subliminal is involved.

  4. Jeff Mendoza

    These guys were probably fired from work after this.

  5. ruta victoria jodis

    unbelievable ! LOL

  6. Daniel Cornell

    is this scripted?

  7. ooooo3

    D: omg this is so scary! Imagine all the crap that is subliminally placed in our minds all day!!

  8. Mamix LIVE

    Ставь лайк если ты уже на 75-ой странице книги Николая Соболева

  9. Коля Легач

    Кто из книги Соболева?

  10. Slave2PaperWithInkOn


  11. MrZappy101

    Wow this is completely fake! subliminal marketing does not exist! This video is completely fake and its obvious to see. Watch it again and stop where it shows all of the images. The two aren't even facing the same direction most of the time so would never even see it if they tried. For the image to actually influence the individual they must have ample time to actually process it. The entire video is all BS, Derren Brown is an entertainer, and it definitely fooled a lot of people…

  12. dcs002

    Believe this video or don't, but marketing research is extremely sophisticated, and product placement and branding within stores and outside the stores is very well studied and a very reliable technique to boost sales. For example, the optimal height above ground level of the product on display is known down to the centimeter. Traffic is routed through aisles in stores where the items the store wants to sell most are on the outside of a turn because customers always look the opposite direction to where they're turning. Even the design of floor tiles will route customers in the direction the business wants the customers to go, and customers are unaware that they are being influenced. Billions of retail dollars are at stake. People have no idea how easily persuaded we are in general. You might think these methods have no effect on you, but they have a general effect on the general population. That's where the money is.

  13. arik sin

    There's a movie scene in Will Smiths FOCUS very similar to this.

  14. zq wang

    derren's beard was kind of funny. he looks so much better now.

  15. TheMrKlassy

    I'm calling BS on this video and Derren's apocalypse episode.  

  16. Royce Jarrett

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  17. MusicZone

    start from 2:53…. subliminal message…

  18. Marc Allan Feldman

    Advertising is a technology.  As with any technology, there are innovations, improvements in effectiveness, and eventual obsolescence.  Technological innovations usually start with the businesses, but eventually spreads to use by individuals.  The revolution will come when individuals can use advertising technologies on themselves.  People will be able to control and filter the images they see and the stimulus they receive to generate the demand that they want to generate, not the corporations.  People who want to want to eat healthier, exercise regularly, lose weight, be less materialistic, more spiritual, more compassionate.  It will be a new age.

  19. Jay Rite

    Darren needs to hook up with the guy on reno 911 you no the gay cop that where's short shorts hes been in a few movies as well i could see them getting along I wonder how many hundreds of Derren Browns are working in the CIA? Lol I also wonder if he was Born into this life What I mean it is from birth he was taught these things And subtly talk more and more Basically I wonder if he was brainwashed into this lifestyle? If so I'd know if he'd have to have dealt with a lot of demonic People But if like this not by his choice not a bad gig to have

  20. Agencja Reklamowa CzART

    Awesome case 🙂 

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