DEMO VIDEO: Freeze-drying corpses into ‘burial pellets’

Demonstration video shows the process of promession, the freeze-drying of dead bodies and then transformation of them into ‘pellets’ which can be planted in the ground.

6 Responses to DEMO VIDEO: Freeze-drying corpses into ‘burial pellets’

  1. Laura XKR

    the mercury part scares me a bit. My body should be food for scavengers, not turned into biohazard material no matter how small.

  2. Annon ir

    The reason I am disclosing this because I want to buried in a method
    that my atoms come back to surface and secondly payments to doctors
    become salary mode even in private sector not FFS which encourages
    unnecessary treatments both not available in my country (Iran): Al-Qaeda
    leaders are agents of middle east dictators to teach the West a lesson,
    if a dictator step down Alqaeda will replace it.
    And if you say its not related to me:
    A lot of laws , controls and paperwork in West is because of east
    governments lobby or sabotages (like terrorists and unnatural crimes) to
    force west governments puts same controls as east. they may be put some
    samples to make you believe east have less laws and controls but don't
    buy it. they may be try to sell it to you as secret info

  3. Jonathan Smith

    Podcast 401!!!

  4. Aaron Bertoni

    Liquid nitrogen? Vacuum desiccator? What is the carbon footprint of the energy required to operate these machines. Seems to me like a biological decomposition process would be more energy efficient and just release CO2 and organic carbon molecules in the amount stored in the original body. Is it possible to freeze dry the bodies whole? Or is there not enough surface area for H2O sublimation?

  5. PhuketBungalow Info

    best method ever, I can live with that 😀

  6. swordsdragon

    Looks like Sub-Zero's latest fatalities (despite the 'victim' is already deceased).

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