Dead Animal Drones

-When Bart Jansen’s cat was hit by a car and he asked his friend who’s an engineer if they could turn it into a drone.
-He came up with this idea from the simple fact he named the cat Orville after Orville Wright of the Wright Brother (who invented the first working airplane)
-They created an ostrich drone, rate drone, badger submarine and a shark jet.

Shark Jet Specs:
2,5 kg
100 km/h
14,8 V LiPo 4s
1000 W
1,4 kg thrust
EDF 64 mm
85A Turnigy ESC
Standard size Turnigy digital servos, metal gear
platform Skywalker X8
Spektrum RC equipment


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19 Responses to Dead Animal Drones

  1. Titan Top List

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  2. The Ghostrider UK DJ

    Why not give the dog a drone

  3. The Ghostrider UK DJ

    Nine out of ten cats prefer the dj mavic pro lol….

  4. Jamie Melgoza

    Imagine you were that cat only to die and reincarnate in to a fucking quadcopter

  5. BigUpzBrah

    You sick fuck

  6. Ya boi Nachin

    This is so fucking disgusting

  7. David Lopez

    I was turned into a helicopter my nigga – CAT

  8. It's mine pic with zero edits

    Thats so stupid

  9. Aneneo ಠ__ಠ

    I want to have sex with a dead cat right now!!!

  10. gelatina balística d vlad

    Hahahhaaaaaaaa irá funnyyyyyyy

  11. burdofr

    I love the cat drone it makes me chuckle evreytime

  12. Piggsy Lamb

    Basically a husk, a dead being reanimated through a machine or robot, I assume androids and cyborgs use living flesh. A husk reanimate the being into something like a cyber-zombie.

  13. Obito Uchiha

    This guy is a piece of shit the cat died and what did he do turned it to a drone

  14. Five Dee

    What. The. Pluck!?

  15. Dion Production

    What the fuck

  16. WolfDud1

    Who turns there dead pet into a drone

  17. Crispy Bacon

    Flying Ostrich?! Ostriches can't fly it was all a lie…

  18. hex gamer


  19. achilles teh Guud Boi

    children in africa could have eaten those animals on the drone.

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