Day 4 ~ National Preparedness Month ~ Pets

Northern Michigan Round-Up

MERCH! #getphiladonkey

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4 Responses to Day 4 ~ National Preparedness Month ~ Pets

  1. Julia Campbell

    Along the same lines. Years ago we were in a house fire, started in the bathroom. And like everyone knows, keeping doors shut can save lives. Youngest son woke to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when he touched the knob on the bathroom door it burned his hand. He ran and woke us up. We ran out, smoke was pouring out by then. Heard mad barking from daughters bedroom. It was our dog who slept under her bed. Opened the door and there was Baby dragging our 4 year old out by the seat of her PJ's. It was so chaotic, but that dog dragged her to the front door. Emergencies can happen so fast. Never forget the pets who put their trust and love in us to take care of them, because sometimes its the other way around.

  2. The Purposeful Pantry

    Can't help but giggle at the puppy noises 🙂 Thanks for a great series! In many suburban areas, special shelters for animals are being set up for emergencies that you may be able to put your pet into while you go to the human shelter. Check with your city's emergency management office to see if is a feature in your area – or even with some of the kennels and vets for more info.

  3. Prepper Potpourri

    This is a great series. You must have been very busy making a daily video.

  4. Tracie Smith

    I had no idea pet food had fats in them. Thank you for that information.

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