Cuddle Clones – Custom Stuffed Animals of YOUR Pet!!

Cuddle Clones are custom stuffed animals made to look exactly like your fur-baby!!

19 Responses to Cuddle Clones – Custom Stuffed Animals of YOUR Pet!!

  1. Jake Stevens

    So petsies but better

  2. Wren Hawkesworth

    I can't afford them and I want one of my pug puppy….

  3. Ansy1331Gaming

    can you do humans XD

  4. Brianna_owlfan

    Can u do hamsters?

  5. Fischer Cobb

    Ive searched across all websites, this site honestly has the best portfolio for this service.

  6. Smol Potato Bean


  7. Mason Games & Faith Animates

    Even a hamster!?

  8. Brianna.Braden Cook

    My cat died

  9. bestamerica

    how about pat pet a ferret

  10. SeaMacaw

    Make grumpy cat

  11. spoon131

    Could you make animals that don't exist? Such as Original characters, if you know what it is. ^^

  12. CockatielPony

    Where are you located?

  13. Tingly Saturn2405

    If I pay extra
    Could you ship it to the UK?

  14. Bernadett Baráth

    How much it's cost?

  15. CrazyCatCowLady

    I LOVE MY CUDDLE CLONE!! I will be ordering again! Thank you so much!

  16. Cats Vs Dogs

    I would like to but my moms kinda afraid of them. But I would like one and most ppl think there very expensive

  17. Thunderbolt Animations and Gameplay

    My cat is only a kitty. Can you make a version so if your pet is still small/baby the price is lower? Thanks.

  18. mega mushroom

    Can i cuddle clone a snail?

  19. abadplanner1

    Ideal for sick fucks who can't get on with their life.

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