Crap Taxidermy – DIY Stuffed Mouse “Crafternoon”

The founder of Kat Su and taxidermist Daisy Tainton spend an afternoon filled with stuffed mice, glue-on eyes, and uncanny creatures — equal parts how-to, DIY runway show, and cabinet of curiosities.

Crap Taxidermy
by Kat Su
Available September 9, 2014 wherever books are sold

8 Responses to Crap Taxidermy – DIY Stuffed Mouse “Crafternoon”

  1. Master Dgey

    Tell me please which you are using the diameter of the eye?

  2. Amber Young

    I attempted mouse taxidermy for the first time today and all was going well until I'd finished sewing him up.

    All the hair fell off my mouse. I had used liqua tan to tan him, had I used too much?

    I also used borax and put it on the fur to sop up any grease, could this be the reason? ANY advise would be very much appreciated!

  3. Gabriella Farr

    Dont take this as a hate comment. In my opinion what your doing to those animals is disrespectful by mutilating their bodies for your pleasure… just saying. Any hoo… Did you really just sew up their bodies without tanning the hides?!?! Did you inject them with a solution that dries everything inside or something?…

  4. Boiled Octopus

    Kat Su is bloody hot.

  5. Krisshi

    will they rot? just wondering since they didnt tan the skins.

  6. coscorrodrift

    Reddit, I liked you. Yeah, you were cool, some weird stuff doesn't hurt, but this? I'm too confused to process this video. What did I just watch?

  7. Ryan II


    Love your work ladies – truly awesome little displays and handy crafty work. 

  8. Cynthia Clinton

    The one on the shitter made me laugh out loud.

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