Coyote Unboxing/Findings- VitaNova Taxidermy

My unboxing and findings on my taxidermy soft mount from VitaNova Taxidermy.. needless to say I’m kind of unhappy? I recorded this as proof for later and to show that there was no altering on my part to sabotage VNT in anyway.

— Watch live at

7 Responses to Coyote Unboxing/Findings- VitaNova Taxidermy

  1. beanie max

    Where did you buy your soft mount from?

  2. canis latrans

    Good ol Mars, fucking up soft mounts over and over…plenty of better artists out there to choose from.

  3. MachineFight

    WHAT THE HELL is CUTE about a DEAD fucking animal??? It is DEAD, then its skin is removed and the flesh is scraped of, and then its sewed back together with a plastick skull.. that is just sick A fucking F !!!
    You are loving a CORPSE thats it!

  4. Julie

    This is just ridiculous, how on earth could she send it to you like that, so appalling….

  5. Fackao

    shes so drunk on her giant raging fanbase and she uses them to fight her "battles" for her bc shes an irresponsible af person who shouldn't be doing commissions or any other work of the like.

  6. Doll Maker

    I am so happy you posted this. Because I wanted to buy a mount from her.

  7. Steph K

    I really didn't want to say anything, but I feel the need to. I had an issue with her as well. Someone wrote a huuuge article on DA about a lot of the issues involving her, her work, and most importantly, her business ethics (or lack thereof).
    I am a nice person, first and foremost. I'm not a bully, I'm not an asshole. Long story short, I sent her a tail that needed to be properly tanned. She offered, she was extremely nice, UNTIL I asked about when she was going to send it back. It would be one thing if she was working on it, but it was finished. It was finished for weeks, she just didn't want to send it back for some unknown reason. She got really angry at me, got InNaturesImage to freak out on me and call me impatient and rude, and I ended up crying, actually CRYING, because I felt like such a horrible person for asking when my very expensive tail would return home to me.
    Finally, weeks later, after and ONLY after I threatened to report her to small claims court, did she mail it back, without a clip, which I specifically asked for. I guess that was my punishment.
    I suppose I could understand if one or two or three people had similar complaints. But there are SO many, all about similar issues! And here I was, thinking I was a bitch because I was asking for my item, and look at all these complaints! It makes me feel better that it wasn't just me. I mean, this shouldn't be happening at ALL, but at least I'm not alone in this.
    What's funny is that I live very, very close to her, and I could have even picked up the tail.

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