‘Copter Cat’ – Dead cat flies thru the sky

Dead cat flies. Seriously. We’re not kidding. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on the cat copter.

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14 Responses to ‘Copter Cat’ – Dead cat flies thru the sky

  1. devongillis123456789

    how can you not find this funny? XD

  2. Kookamongus

    Why is this hated so bad, I mean it wasn’t killed to be put on there

  3. Cesar Bonilla

    this is horrible you fucking bitch fuck you

  4. slayerofelmo99

    Add weaponry

  5. AnimeT0getherEU

    this is against my religion

  6. Th3 Zach

    "I reincarnated into a helicopter my nigga"

  7. Cloгох Вleacн

    if only this was legal in my country and not frowned upon in my religion, I would do this to MYSELF.

  8. Mike Zilla

    I think it's great that someone finally found a use for all those dead cats out there.

  9. Nicholas Ramirez

    This is so sad i lost my cat

  10. Ozmomine

    Fucking Gravity cat

  11. Caleb Berry

    This is fucking hilarious CNN cares about this shit. It shows how important their priorities are in news.

  12. A person

    Them: What is your gender?
    Me: I identify as an attack drone

    I would fucking love to be turned into a man copter!

  13. Kjl

    This dude is fucked up also…

    "I was reincarnated to a helicopter my nigga"

  14. Bambiko

    Idk man, that's just… twisted

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