Closed Tropical Terrarium 1 YEAR UPDATE!

I get a lot of people commenting “how is this terrarium doing today” or “is this terrarium still around.” To be brief, yes it is and it is doing excellent! Watch the video for more details.

Also if you haven’t seen How to Terrarium episode 2, you can check it out right here:

I also mentioned the video about the false bottoms, that too can be seen right here:

As always thanks for watching and you can follow me @serpadesign on Instragram.

18 Responses to Closed Tropical Terrarium 1 YEAR UPDATE!

  1. SerpaDesign

    Starting Serptember off right with the year update of the Closed Tropical Terrarium. I started up YouTube again with this video and it's been a great year. Enjoy!

  2. Joseph Pecoul

    Decent-looking Terraria
    Well done

  3. Maurizio Maximilian

    News about this terrarium? I want to make one of this, expanded clay or akadama is good for make false bottom? The wood coal or active coal with the previous one is preferable or not necessary? I want inside springtail for more life cycle. thanks in advice from Italy 😉

  4. Curtissam Curtissam

    Very detailed…really appreciated the closeups of you trimming and maintaining this terrarium…def inspired me to create my own. I'm going to try and source local plants and mosses and see what I can come up with!!! Thanks

  5. Paul Tougher

    You should empty this out into a washing machine and put it on a spin cycle, once finished take it all out and throw it in a bin.

  6. pedro manuel rodriguez diaz

    Están chulisimos los vídeos, pero no se mucho ingles y no entiendo mucho. Seria guay si estuvieran subtitulados en español. Enhorabuena por tus vídeos. 1 saludo desde España

  7. Franken Stein


    Is it still alive?! dramatic music

  8. fha gerber

    Different bottel

  9. mauro rios

    My terrarium smells like ass should i give it a bath?also could i put some flyes in it?

  10. Kurdapya Gwapa

    The guy is awkward.

  11. Илья Udaff69

    привет!а где посмотреть видео с твоими аквариумами и тд

  12. Dj Mile High

    Smelt the terrarium and i saw snowflakes on his head, dandruff lvl 100?

  13. Aric Rufle

    I fucking love this guy.

  14. Chas Corbet

    would'nt the clippings from your trimming be better left on the top of the soil to 'compost' ?

  15. denis eirikis

    I saw the English terrArium not opened in40 years, anyone have luck with year plus closed and thriving?

  16. Jessica McWilliams

    Why are they closed to oxygen how can they live

  17. Rachael Fury

    Hey buddy- I think your delivery is great. Thanks for sharing your work.

  18. drkshadow8o8

    do you put your terrarium by the window which catches sunlight?

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