Chihuahua swims! – Nic and Pancho

Today YOU are the creator!
Send us a video of you and your pet representing “THE HEAT” theme.

Please read carefully:
You can use your phone, but please DO NOT SHOOT IN VERTICAL MODE, shoot it horizontal to make it work better on YouTube. (16:9 format).

Don’t make it too long, one minute is enough to catch the moment.

Send it o to the following email address*:

Upload (at)

Write the NAME OF THE DOG in the email subject.

The best videos will be part of Nic and Pancho next video!

Good Luck!


*by sending the video to the email address listed above you accept to give the full rights for free to “Nic and Pancho YouTube channel” . Nic and Pancho YouTube Channel will have the rights to use it globally in perpetual.

12 Responses to Chihuahua swims! – Nic and Pancho

  1. Imperfect Awakening

    Pancho is adorable 🙂

  2. haley

    i love your channel so much and because of the video where you throw pancho into the snow my family decided to name our dog pancho cause we loved that video

  3. Joycelyn Porter

    I entered a video for a friend. I hope i sent to the right email. The website didn't really clarify and I had to go to your other site to contact you. The link on pancho site didn't work. So for anyone entering the email I responded to was and hopefully he will be able to view the videos from that email.

  4. Honey goyal

    When i see poncho,i can always relate my chihuahua with him,they are totally same

  5. Аля Зубова


  6. Angela Torres:V

    Torso llegando aguaos? 🙂

  7. Beatrix Perez

    ay Panchito you are adorable!

  8. christian66ca

    my chihuahua Duke hates water. I don't think I would get him in the water…lol. hello Pancho!

  9. Angie Torres

    My Chihuahua Hoshi is a gradiant swimmer too. It's a pity that I can not attach photos to this comment to prove it.

  10. Firo ´s

    We are waitingo for these videos

  11. Mary Macdonald

    I love little Panchino.

  12. Mary Macdonald

    He's afraid of his bath but likes to swim.

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