Cats Try Reconstituted Primal Raw Freeze Dried Cat Food

The cats usually get fed raw food that has been frozen and I wanted to see if they liked to freeze dried raw food when it has been reconstituted with water. This is what happened when I fed it to them. Here is a link to the Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food on Amazon:

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17 Responses to Cats Try Reconstituted Primal Raw Freeze Dried Cat Food

  1. Christine Lee

    All the cats are like mine. I want food now.

  2. Israel Brown

    Oh, "brick!" She said "brick"

  3. Animalowner1 208

    they have a really good diet mine are picky they prefer dry food over wet food but they still get wet food because it's good. for them great video.

  4. jasmine sullivan

    such gorgeous and incredibly lucky fur babies. keep up the good work love. 🙂

  5. joel mccoin

    We also had a lot of trouble finding the frozen raw food in our area, was so frustrating we started to make our own, it takes some prep time, but we have it in our routine now. We have done chicken, beef, with meat from groc. store, cats like it ok, but we have a great supply of fresh rabbit, that is what they really go for.

  6. La cuerda al aire

    I see on las month your 4 cats are in the same room without problems, no?

  7. Jerrilyn Papilon

    Boo wants that nugget bad lol

  8. Nannerchan

    I don’t know if they will like the freeze dried as much, but the reason that the pet stores are switching from frozen is because frozen is a nightmare to keep in good condition and there is a huge liability. Freeze dried, on the other hand, is shelf stable and can stay good for a lot longer.

  9. Karen Oppenberg

    It looks like Tuna Fish too. Boo was supervising as you were preparing the food.

  10. rebel131313

    Boo "give me that, give me that, give me that food, give me that food, give me give me that food, right now,
    give me that food, give me give me that food, slap slap, GIVE ME THAT FOOD".

  11. Charlotte Van Straten

    Eyes bigger than the stomach can hold. I think those who have gone without, and really starved, do this. Others are experiencing an enzyme deficiency. The trigger that says enough, fails to do so. All this yummy food makes it even harder for folks like boo. Then the repercussions take precedence. Thanks for monitoring boo! Love that boy!

  12. ks96119

    i add waaaaay more water than suggested… hahahahaha just to trick my cat into drinking more water 😡

  13. Patti M

    I thought Boo was about to slap it out of your hand! Too funny

  14. evilash3373

    Too much work. I would bring home a rabbit and make the cats "work for their food." A very big and fierce rabbit that cold take the cats 1 vs 1, so they have to learn the value of teamwork.

  15. Bad Billy

    It looks a little like crumbled soy-meat. Not bad looking. Guess it isn't appealing. Maybe if you warm it up a little?

  16. steven clark

    Stella watching boo to see if and when he might leave the food lol she can be so funny so cute .

  17. Zoa Langford

    It does look like stuffing. The cat liked it especially Boo. I loved how Boo was watching every movement you made while you were fixing the nuggets.

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