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Skinning a Raccoon Foot for Taxidermy

Skinning a roadkill raccoon’s toes for taxidermy can be difficult – certainly moreso than skinning the paws of other critters. So here is a trick I’ve learned for making things a bit easier! Pardon the focus problems – my volunteer has never shot with my camera before and didn’t know that it is entirely manual.

Walleye Taxidermy ( Air Brushing ) Part 2

Paint application on a Walleye ( Fish )

Mounting a Brooktrout: PART 1

Here are the steps to mounting a fish with an artifical head, and a carved foam body. More videos to come as they are performed and completed…


For the times when you just can’t let go.

Bigfoot, Man wants to Taxidermy Sasquatch

6/24/2016 Fecal matter found in beaver Dams New York buy Dog Peter Caine Dog Training

Collecting Cased Fish Taxidermy

Vintage cased fish have a very specific market and can be much sought after depending on the subject and the taxidermist. Watch our short film to find out more about the world of cased fish and which ones are the most collectable and why.

Taxidermy of heroic rescue dog causes controversy

Which is the best way to commemorate a heroic animal? A plan to preserve a rescue dog who helped save hundreds of lives during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake has triggered widespread controversy in China.

Rabbit, Raccoon, Fox. Wild unknown animal spirit deck THE TAXIDERMY WITCH

Full body fox taxidermy mount

Start to finish full body fox mount

Roy D Mercer – Dead Dog

How Big A Boy Are Ya? Vol 2