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Different Types of Taxidermy

Sorry if this isn’t the best video (and that you can hear my dog playing with his squeaky toy in the background…and the dryer tumbling, lol). I wanted to make a video talking about different types of taxidermy, especially including some newer/lesser known types of taxidermy. The only thing that I know I failed to … Continue reading

how I taxidermy a fox I hate video art. I love taxidermy. This is the result of my first video art assignment. Note that I’m only a self taught novice at this, and not everything I do in the video is correct. The fox in the video is on my website with my other work:

Far Cry 5 – How To Recruit Peaches The Mountian Lion

If you want an animal friend who can straddle the middle lane between Boomer the dog’s versatility and Cheeseburger the bear’s raw power in Far Cry 5, Peaches is the wild cat for you. Subscribe to GR+ here:

Part 2… Perch and Walleye Taxidermy ( mounting and carding)

This is the second part video of Mounting a Perch and Walleye in Fish Taxidermy.

Taxidermy school: Rest In Pieces I The Feed

Taxidermy may have fallen out of fashion, but a Melbourne school offering classes is thriving as hunters, artists and pet-lovers turn to the craft. Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:

Alligator erection at Cooper’s Taxidermy

Coopers taxidermy was skinning an alligator leg, with air pressure and got more than they bargain for. An alligator erection. Please check out our Facebook page: coopers taxidermy.


Here is a video that shows the condensed fight of my Black Marlin from my 2017 fishing trip to Panama and the un crating of the taxidermy replica and my buddy Bob Cawley helping me put it up. Also a brief tour of some of my taxidermy Fish caught while fishing Hooked On Panama Fishing … Continue reading

Taxidermy workshop – COOLEST THING IN THE HOUSE, EP 23

Donald is taxidermist with a unique home filled with exotic and interesting objects (and lots of taxidermy.) However his coolest thing….might make you a little squeamish.

Dog vs taxidermy

Taxidermy hamster

The strangest taxidermy in my collection is this little vintage hamster.