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Tip – Frank Newmyer Field Care Handling Birds for Taxidermy

This video is a tip from Frank Newmyer about Field Care Handling Birds for Taxidermy

Amanda Seyfried: Adopting My Dog Finn ‘Changed My Life’ | TODAY

As well as an actress, Amanda Seyfried is a doting mom – to Finn, a dog she met on the set of the HBO series “Big Love” who has now become an Instagram star in his own right. She tells TODAY about her work as a passionate ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society, a … Continue reading

The Young Taxidermist Giving New Life to Dead Animals

What do you see when you imagine a taxidermist? You probably envision an older man or a scientist, but taxidermy is actually making a come back among young millennials who are interested in the DIY aspect of the craft. Meet Mickey Alice Kwapis, a Chicago-based professional taxidermist who travels the world to teach her craft. … Continue reading

Webisode 9 – Mounting A Life Size Bobcat

Follow along in this webisode as Frog’s Buckshop Taxidermy welcomes everyone into their shop to show you how they mount a bobcat.


For some, taxidermy is a practice about art, science and a love of wildlife There is something supremely uncanny about taxidermy: the hyperrealism of its representation makes the inanimate seem animate, and – for some – uncomfortably real. That sense of eerie realness is the exact quality that makes for a superior piece of taxidermy … Continue reading

Taxidermy Fails

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Elephant Taxidermy

Watch us mount a full size African elephant. Music © 2011 by C. L. Jankovsky To see more of our work, check out our website: And don’t forget to like us on Facebook:

Insane Insect Collection! 5 Weird Animal Facts! Ep. 35 : AnimalBytesTV

For more 5 Weird Animal Facts Subscribe! http:/ Insane Insect Collection! Watch this week as the host of 5 Weird Animal Facts, Jason Miller, shows off his insane collection of insects. Not only will you have the chance to see some of the coolest insects in this special edition of 5 Weird Animal Facts, but … Continue reading

Meet the Taxidermist Saving Long-Dead Animals from Decay | WIRED Originals

Lucie Mascord has a one-of-a-kind job, she fixes, repairs and conserves bad and decaying taxidermy for museums all round the world. It’s a poorly understood trade, but she’s convinced it has a long future. She shows us her collection of eyes, what she’s working on and explains some of the misconceptions about her trade. Including, … Continue reading

Bass taxidermy part 1

This is volume 1 in my 3 part series tutorial on how to mount a largemouth bass.I am working with a freshly caught 6 lb. specimen, post spawn female bass.I only use basic tools and techniques.I have been doing fish for 27 years.This video has been sped up to save space and be uploadable since … Continue reading