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Get Bit Outdoors – Gator Hunt Rates & Taxidermy

Information about our guided gator hunt rates, Taxidermy and FAQ’s Start creating memories book a extreme guided gator or hog hunt of a lifetime with or call today 407-448-3635

Testas Tuesdays Tips Squirrel Mount Part 1

Chuck goes through the first steps in mounting a squirrel.

Animal Art Taxidermy Clip

Animal Art Taxidermy Clip Made 2 Deceive Camo M2D Camo’s Livin’ The Dream TV SHOW M2D Camo’s Bad Ass DVD Series M2D Camo Monster Truck Follow Us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Buy The Bad Ass DVD Series! Legendary Outfitters Guided Hunts

Ever Wonder What Happens In a Taxidermy Class? Watch and Found Out | Best Products

Taxidermy is still a thing, and you can take a class in it. Don’t miss a thing! Subscribe to

Step 23~ Red Fox ~ How to Create a Look The Head

Taxidermy Brian Hendricks Step 23~ Red Fox ~ How to Create a Look The Head

How to cape a deer with Northeast Kingdom Taxidermy part 1

In this videos we show how to cape a deer for all the guys that are headed out hunting in a CWD state were you can only take the horns and hide home.

Amanda Seyfried on David Letterman Show (Dog Trick)

Legendary Taxidermy

Another legendary mount from the Worlds Taxidermy Show. This one scored a 97 and only took a second place. That’s the risks of competition, there can always be another mount the judges like more. That is still the highest score we have received at a world show and I feel privileged to have worked on … Continue reading

The Art of Taxidermy, Anna and the Annadroids

Meet an Ohio artist who helps give new life to, well, roadkill. Experience a performance by doll-like dancers and feminist performance art. Plus, meet the creator and writer behind PBS’s ‘Victoria.’

Taxidermist Anthony Eddy

A talk with taxidermist Anthony Eddy. Produced by Kearston Winrow and Chelsea Stuart.