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Getting Your Fish Ready to Mount

Mike Kussro (host of “The Fishing Show”) talks to Jim Hess of Hess Taxidermy Studio, about getting your fish ready to be mounted.


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1 Minute Gar Taxidermy Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to taxidermy your own gar in 1 Minute.

Two Headed Kitten – Taxidermy – Article on Taxidermy from Flog It TV show

Here’s something that grabbed my attention earlier today A Two Headed Kitten an Article of Taxidermy from Flog It Trad Secrets BBC TV show.Taxidermy is one of many fascinations having worked in the Natural History Museum in South Kensington London this is an excellent article on the subject from the perspective of the Auction House. … Continue reading

Mounting A Barracuda -Fish Taxidermy Video

This is a preview of the complete video on how to do a taxidermy mount on a barracuda. In this episode Dan Rinehart from Rinehart Taxidermy takes the Barracuda he harvested in Mexico back to his studio and show the steps involved in taxidermy. See the complete video at www.taxidermytube.cvom

Live at the Global Pet Show in Orlando, Florida !!!

Buddy Kirkhart: Taxidermist, Artist, & A Fisher of Men – New Wave Taxidermy Rough Cut for review

Buddy Kirkhart Fish Artist 25 years ago, you would have seen a 5-year-old Buddy Kirkhart running around the shop and studying his fathers work. From an early age, he has shown great interest in the taxidermy business and now is an integral part of the day to day production of New Wave Taxidermy. When you … Continue reading

Gar and Red Horse Sucker painting for taxidermy

Why Don’t Any Animals Have Wheels?

LINKS TO LEARN: VSAUCE SHIRTS: music by intro animation by “Big Dog” Crazy LEG Robot: Wheeled-Animal STRAIGHT DOPE: Wheeled-Animal WIKI: WHEEL SPIDER: Bacterial Flagellum: Wheel and Axel Animation: LITTER: Earliest evidence we have of humans using wheels: Dawkins Wheeled-Animal Article: “why … Continue reading

Andrea Silva, Taxidermist

Andrea Silva is a Taxidermist from Salt Lake City.