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Morbid Anatomy Museum hosts taxidermy exhibition in NYC

New York’s Morbid Anatomy Museum hosts the taxidermy exhibition whose main attraction is the Kittens’ Wedding. The art piece by Walter Potter features about 20 kittens at a wedding ceremony. Perhaps the most memorable of all of the works of Potter, the Kittens’ Wedding was completed in the 1890s. There are many other such artworks … Continue reading

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial

NOPE T Shirts @ This commercial was created by YouTubers Rhett and Link ( as part of their TV show Commercial Kings on IFC. Watch the full episode to see how the commercial was made HERE:

Fish Replicas By Advanced Taxidermy & Wildlife Design

WFN Interviews Advanced Taxidermy and Wildlife Design at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show

Taxidermy Display @ The Outdoor Sports Show 2014

the taxidermy display at The Atlantic Outdoor Sports & R.V show show in halifax nova scotia 2014

Shane Smith Flying Bird Tutorial SD

Vegan Taxidermy with Artist Lily Rose

Vegan taxidermy is explained by artist Lily Rose as she reveals the surprising contents of her freezer. New comedy every week! Subscribe here:

Wild Touch Taxidermy slide show 2015 trade show en

Highveld Taxidermists on Western Extreme Show

Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney take a studio tour of Highveld Taxidermists.

‘Copter Cat’ – Dead cat flies thru the sky

Dead cat flies. Seriously. We’re not kidding. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on the cat copter. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at! Or visit our site at

I PRESERVED my DEAD Pet GECKOS? | Preparing Lizards as Wet Specimens

Well over a year ago, I bought three Texas banded geckos from a fellow reptile enthusiast who was moving away. Unfortunately, two of them passed away within a few days of my purchase. Rather than flushing or burying them, I decided to give them a new purpose, and began the process of preserving them as … Continue reading