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Giant Tortoise Preserved In Alcohol | Well Perserved Animals on Museum in SHEKH MUJIB Safari Park

Giant Tortoise Preserved In Alcohol | Well Preserved Animals on Museum in SHEKH MUJIB Safari Park | Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park | GAZIPUR

Preserved bugs and small animals

These are some of the items that can be found on my website Also we have jewelry(necklaces, earings, gauges, and rings)

chemicals used in fish preservation

ARGUING with my pet “COBRA”, Pissy !!!

I’ve gotten so many requests to bring Pissy back onto the channel. Well, here’s a video of him in an argument with me, as always. Nothing new there. Oh, if you didn’t catch the joke, Pissy isn’t an actual Cobra (apart from him thinking he’s one). He’s a Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus). Comment down … Continue reading

On Huntre! Equine: International Polo and Pony Preservation

Polo players from the US, Kenya and Australia at the men’s international polo in November, 2016. With interviews of L. Somi Roy and Ed Armstrong of Huntre! Equine on how polo is being used to spotlight the state of pony preservation. By Stashd Films from Nagaland.

Melain Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets On Animal Radio

ViaGen Pets is the leader in pet cloning and pet genetic preservation. For more information, please visit us at That freezing will damage the tissues. So, I hate to get calls when people tell me that the body’s been frozen. Because usually in that situation there’s nothing we can do. So refrigerating the body … Continue reading

My Wife’s First Pheasant

Her first trip to our hunt club and she skulls her first bird on the first shot! Pretty cool day out.

Conservation and Preservation

A short documentary project on conservation and preservation in Florida

Baby the Friendly Alligator – My mother’s pet

A more recent video of my mother’s alligator. It is extremely tame since she raised it from uber tiny. I wish you could hear how it purs. The alligator, “Baby” was given to a preservation in Florida when she got too big. Check out Baby as a baby: For licensing/ usage inquiries, contact … Continue reading

Digitizing Biological Collections – Imaging Fluid-Preserved Specimens

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology collection manager Rob Robins explains the five-step process for imaging or digitizing fluid-preserved specimens. These fluid-preserved, or wet-collection, specimens are typically fishes, reptiles and amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates, and to a lesser degree, birds and mammals. The high-resolution images of specimens stored in alcohol increase access for researchers and … Continue reading