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Catching And Preserving Gizzard Shad For Future Fishing Trips

Alex and I throw the cast net to stock up on fresh gizzard shad for the winter. We add Kosher salt to a water and ice mixture in an ice chest. This lowers the freezing temperature from 32 degrees to 28 degrees, helping cool the bait faster and keep the ice from melting as fast. … Continue reading

Preserving Gar Skin

Hey guys, here is how I dry and preserve gar hides for use. This one will be going to a knife maker for sheath material. Check him out if you are interested in one. Thanks for watching, and God bless…………J Wallace knifeworks facebook page: Youtube Channel: Visit our website:

Johnny Hill: What To Look For In Good Ranch Horses 7/8

Bruce and Hill discussed what signs to look for when avoiding a problematic horse so it only makes sense to talk about what to look for in a potentially good working ranch horse. This film is a product of the Heritage Preservation Project.

Johnny Hill: Handling Difficult Horses

Buster Bruce continues the conversation by asking Johnny if he had ever considered teaching others how to train horses. Then the conversation turns to working with difficult horses and knowing how to recognize a “bad eye”. This film is a product of the Heritage Preservation Project.

Saving Baby Kiwis From Extinction | Modern Dinosaurs

The Kiwi (the national symbol of New Zealand) is in danger of becoming extinct without the help of conservationists. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: Follow Discovery on Twitter:

Re-Conditioning Tools and Preserving with CHASSIS SAVER

Re-Conditioning Tools and Preserving with CHASSIS SAVER

Animal Radio Interview with Melain Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets

Melain Rodriguez, Client Service Manager of ViaGen Pets, joined Animal Radio on April 23, 2016 to discuss pet cloning and pet genetic preservation. You can learn more about ViaGen Pets on our website: You’re listening to Animal Radio. Call the Dream Team now at 1-866-405-8405. It’s Animal Radio. We’ll head back to the phones … Continue reading

A look into HPD’s K9 unit

HPD’s K-9 unit works in some of the most dangerous situations. Both handler and canine have to be ready for the job.

Day 4 ~ National Preparedness Month ~ Pets

Northern Michigan Round-Up MERCH! #getphiladonkey Project Pantry Organizational System ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop With Me ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ THRIVE foods are convenient, healthy, and cost-effective. They’ll change the way you think about mealtime. Please check out my Amazon Influencer Page to see products I use or hope to purchase. If you shop Amazon via this … Continue reading

FA/TV Episode 7, Season 2 National Wilderness Preservation Panfish – FSN Trailer

Follow along with the fish addictions crew as they head to a National Wilderness Preservation Area. No snowmobiles, No gas or Electric Augers! just pristine wilderness and some awesome panfish.