Catching And Preserving Gizzard Shad For Future Fishing Trips

Alex and I throw the cast net to stock up on fresh gizzard shad for the winter. We add Kosher salt to a water and ice mixture in an ice chest. This lowers the freezing temperature from 32 degrees to 28 degrees, helping cool the bait faster and keep the ice from melting as fast. Adding salt to the bags of bait helps preserve it because most bacteria cannot survive in a high salt environment.

18 Responses to Catching And Preserving Gizzard Shad For Future Fishing Trips

  1. Marlon Autry

    like the water trick

  2. Roy Beard Jr

    Loved the info didn't know that. thanks Kris

  3. TheMrpalid

    Where do you find the shad location if you’re throwing a net from the bank.?

  4. Sun City Catfishing

    Hey kris what’s this location? Or where is a good location to catch bait in the El Paso, las cruses surrounding area?

  5. JohnDoeGlo Gloku

    Damn those suckers are huge

  6. Kevin Curbow

    Hey Kris, how would you compare fishing with frozen shad vs fresh? There’s a lot of debate over this and some guys absolutely refuse to use frozen, but a lot of the places I fish are hard to get fresh shad. Just curious.

  7. Arkansas Hunting & Outdoors

    I can't tell any difference in personality between tommy (Luke, from catfish and carp's son) and alex

  8. Mary Shannon

    Just found you on Youtube and have been following, My questionis how long are they good for was your process is followed..If I catch some here in Ohio In late October do you think they will work defrosted in thje spring when shovelhead season comes back around.

  9. Amy Van Camp

    holy crap I want to catch them that big

  10. Wes Harden

    those are some big shad wow

  11. Tommy Sherrod

    this is a lie freezing shad does not work nor does salt they will turn to mush once unfroze

  12. Dewey Cash

    I checked out your channel and subbed. Please check out my channel and sub me back. thanks

  13. 21CharlesMartel

    Great idea, that I have been using for a while too. I catch bream/sunfish/perch whatever you want to call them, and stick them in the freezer until I get a chance to go. Whats new to me is the salt idea, gonna try it this summer. Thanks!

  14. Larry Fetters

    Dang Kris those are huge shad!! Great video. Thanks

  15. falcon D

    Where is the best place to find shad on an unknown lake? any advice?

  16. newyota1

    How long does it take for them to get that big?I saw huge schools of little ones about 1 1/2 inches long this past fall at a dam.I did not know what they were.They kept surfacing.Nothing was chasing them.Not sure where they go.I did find dead big ones in that area one time.

  17. Larry Rogers

    how can someone get some of ur cool shirts at and how much are they

  18. Rudolph Salazar

    this video was made on my dad's birthday

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