Cat reacts to taxidermy!

Dr Mash – ProTrails mascot reacting to a new piece of taxidermy. He thinks the fox is alive!

5 Responses to Cat reacts to taxidermy!

  1. slushpuppie19

    I always wondered what animals thought of taxidermy! You and your cat seemed to have a lovely relationship here, I bet they had a great life with you. RIP.

  2. ProTrails OnDemand

    Well sadly he passed on recently. He was 18. By yep, he got used to it and used to sleep next to it!

  3. GeeGee Munoz

    Did the cat get used to it?

  4. Anya Abney

    I love the way to talk to your cat! ☺

  5. Tekoah Handorff

    LOL! You so funny!

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