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5 June 2013: TMZ tv show with cat helicopter song:
“Flying Pizzas with Comedian Bryan Callen”

The worldwide 1st vegan cat sings about her turn into a helicopter & morality!

Artist Bart Jansen pays tribute to dead pet cat by turning him into flying machine. Synapsenkitzler pays tribute to artist by tu(r)ning his idea into a song.

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Dutch artist Bart Jansen has used the body of a dead cat as part of a helicopter. The Orvillecopter is a tribute to his cat Orville, and was named after the famous aviator Orville Wright. The cat was killed by a car and loved birds. Now it is finally flying with the birds. The passed away pet now is a hybrid helicopter cyborg, and will be on display at the Kunstrai Art Festival in Amsterdam.
Bart Jansen: “He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight.”
Bart Jansen –

Can a cat fly in a EADS Eurocopter without accident?

Verse intro:
Hello humans!
I am cat Orville.
My dead body was used to create a cat helicopter.
Now i can fly.

I´m a cat, cat, cat, cat,
cat, cat, cat, cat helicopter.

Verse 1:
What are the boundaries,
between art and morality?
What is the difference,
between shoes made of cows,
and helicopters made of cats?

Refrain: (4x)

Verse 2:
Humans eat meat.
Animals eat meat.
Animals are meat.
But i´m a vegan cat!
I like birds.
cause i like to fly.

Refrain: (4x)

They call me Orvillecopter.
I ´m a half cat,
and a half helicopter
But all i want, is to fly.

Refrain: (8x)


Refrain: (2x)

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20 Responses to Cat Helicopter Drone Song (flying taxidermy Catcopter) Synapsenkitzler | Frazy.Tv

  1. Aurimas Adomavicius

    Wtf is the cat

  2. Aurimas Adomavicius

    Wtf was da start

  3. HitchHiking Ghost

    This song is now stuck in my head for the rest of my life……….

  4. theTenthlife

    I don't care how old it gets, this will never not be funny.

  5. zap wazzup

    Roy Rogers Was the King of the Cowboys But he Stuffed his Horse Trigger and his pet Dog Bullet . Talk about a person making a profit off his Dead friends .

  6. Sushi Uchiha

    you had to be high when you made this….I…I don't know how anyone can make something like this sober, I'll be back when I take shrooms.

  7. danish derps

    Why why man dont you feel bad seeing Your dead cat flying around just let it go This is NOT what Your cat Wanted WTF dude

  8. Bennett Tan

    I was reincarnated into a helicopter my nigga

  9. Valentin Crucifix

    now I know why I love internet.

  10. MiriBON

    Distasteful at best. I dare you do the same with a human body.

  11. Gareth Veloc

    Vegans incoming….

  12. Eric Dickerson

    Actually, there are stuffed humans around for our amusement (Bodyworlds?) so why not a cat. However, cow leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, cows are not raised for their hides but for their meat. Eating domestic animals is culturally wrong, so I don't agree with your argument there.

  13. [Ender188 ]

    Sad but a little silly

  14. Ines Acero

    Forget about Nyan Cat this is the true internet cat

  15. willzyx23

    Sobald das jemand mit einem Schwein macht, geht die Welt unter. 🙂 Achja, abboniert. Kannte dich vorher nur durch Frazy aber dein Kanal ist extrem vielseitig und kreativ (wenn auch abgedreht, aber so mag ich es)

  16. Diego Urriolabeytía

    this is awesome

  17. Benjamin Roberts

    if i were high id be tripping balls , im not but im laughing so hard right now!

  18. Jake M

    ignore the haters, this is beautiful



  20. 김재훈

    there're some guys that you are bothering dead animals in korean

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