carving walleye body fish taxidermy fishstuffer

carving a walleye body with urethane foam fishstuffer

5 Responses to carving walleye body fish taxidermy fishstuffer

  1. Oceanic197

    Awesome job! Where can i purchase the foam that you are using? Thanks in advance!


    Excellent Video, You definitely Know Your Stuff SILLY!! Lol. A great thing to post for the beginner taxidermists out there would Maybe be a list of materials, tools used, etc. .. I know thats Carving foam that lots of taxidermy supply companies sell, pretty cool you use the tan color tho, Not the Blue carving foam many use! 2 thumbs up!! =D

  3. Shilodog Smith

    A little information would have been nice.  What kind of foam is that?  Type? Brand?  What is that red-handled 'sander' type thing called?

  4. Jay Jay

    what was that white liquid you wiped over the foam?

  5. filip hugo

    How is called the material for the body yo are using FOAM ??

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