Capuchin Monkey Tells You How Much He LOVES His Snack!

Capuchin MonkeyBoo really tells you how much he loves his Freese Dried Crunchies! Such a smart monkey!
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19 Responses to Capuchin Monkey Tells You How Much He LOVES His Snack!

  1. L8dykickass

    Looks like he prefers the banana chips lol he was avoiding the strawberries lol so cute

  2. Pov Yi

    He looks like my uncle LOL

  3. Jenn Zack

    This is the CUTEST video I’ve ever seen!! He is just Adorable!!!!

  4. Stella Kalivas

    I love how he looks around while he's eating. Boo, I love you. Pete, you too.

  5. calvin haney

    So smart love the little guy

  6. Mithun Nathan

    How do you give haircuts to your monkey I was thinking about using scissors but maybe he will probably get scared

  7. L G

    Nice hair cut

  8. JTundra

    Me when i get home from work

  9. inigoGW

    does he ever get to play with other monkeys tho ?, please i honestly believe you could speak to a zoo about doing like weekend visits to the other monkeys there

  10. Amazing Spiderman Fan 2002

    That's one smart cat.


    I've always hated seeing monkeys as pets. The belong in the wild. Just glad that this care taker doesn't treat Boo as a slave for entertainment as they do in Asia/India. They belong with their own species in the wild. Sadly, these poor monkey's end up in labs and tortured then murdered and either dumped like trash as they do in animal shelters that murder unwanted dogs & cats or the cut them up to examine their body parts or brains slices in the name of human science. The science results don't even apply to humans make up. They need to end their evil torture. They are NOT here to serve humans yet to be of their own protected from evil humans.

  12. smol snek

    Something about him tells me he doesn't give a fuck about u and would run away and get eaten first chance he got

  13. Lexi Boelk

    I LOVE boo he is the best thing I EVER seen I love the.vid where he played with slime 🙂

  14. Gianna Picascio

    My one year old lovesss watching him!! Thank you for sharing your little cutie with us

  15. Louii Ros

    That nigga looks like a human

  16. D. JACKAL

    I have the same problem when opening

  17. KJ Caramel

    i GoT mE a StRaWbErRy

  18. Inbread Fred

    Looks like George W. Bush on Christmas morning.

  19. Pheng Moua

    That monkey is smart

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