Can a taxidermist mount any animal LEGALLY? NOPE

I briefly show you the steps I take before I start on mounting.
Thanks for watching my videos. Details on my taxidermy course are coming soon.

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9 Responses to Can a taxidermist mount any animal LEGALLY? NOPE

  1. LarryScarry

    Hey Chuck! I have a question as I am about to do my first taxidermy on a marten next monday. If my marten is tanned and I get it back from the tannery, do I have to make it wet before I mount it up? Thanks <3

  2. Jammen Jaycie

    lol everyone wants you to talk to us at our school.

  3. Danny Newman

    these records do not apply in all states ,I'm a taxidermist in florida and here we don't have to keep these kinds of records or tags on the animals, with that being said would never have anything to do with an animal I knew was taken illegally

  4. SmoXx ALph4 46

    you are the best

  5. Tyler McCann-Barnes

    I love it when you say nope. It is so hilarious.

  6. Hunter Hill

    You're the man Chuck!!

  7. Nauseaing

    This dude still makes videos?

  8. DirtRich

    Do you have to have a licence to shoot birds such as duck and pheasant in the US?

  9. Luke Fitzpatrick

    lol at 0:40

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