Buddy Kirkhart: Taxidermist, Artist, & A Fisher of Men – New Wave Taxidermy Rough Cut for review

Buddy Kirkhart
Fish Artist

25 years ago, you would have seen a 5-year-old Buddy Kirkhart running around the shop and studying his fathers work. From an early age, he has shown great interest in the taxidermy business and now is an integral part of the day to day production of New Wave Taxidermy. When you look over the mount you receive it will have Buddy’s trademark style of details all over it. From mouth interior to the eye rotation, fin position and details like setting each tooth in a 1000lb Mako Shark just right. He is meticulous. Buddy won the Children’s Horizon Award with a shark head mount at the age of twelve at the State and National Taxidermy Association Show. More recently, he has won the Best of Category Fish Reproduction Award at the Florida State Taxidermy Association Show two years in a row.

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