Brown’s taxidermy and The Fish Mount Shop.

A video of the process of molding an actual Bluefin Tuna fish for taxidermy

8 Responses to Brown’s taxidermy and The Fish Mount Shop.

  1. godzillafan 18

    Did you eat the fish?

  2. oleg shybinskiy

    how much per fish

  3. Fran Martin

    Interestingly modeling

  4. timbazi

    A bit misleading title since it's not taxidermy

  5. Michael m sa

    thank you , nice job!!

  6. John Bellucci

    Nice … you molded a dried out fish, with dried out, shrunken fins. How does that make it look alive? We never let a fish sit out to dry like that. No amount of clay filling is going to replicate the scales that all fish have. Good instruction, but disappointing in it's methods to say the least. A better mold will be made using a fresher specimen. Don't let fish sit around drying for a couple of hours. Get right in there, set 'em up, and get 'em molded right away. 😉

  7. Mike Kroessig

    very cool vid. learned a lot.

  8. Paul Camacho

    That was boring!!

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