Bottle Burst Test – Water rockets

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This is a series of burst tests of common PET bottles. A couple of the tests also use reinforcing.

20 Responses to Bottle Burst Test – Water rockets

  1. nik izzat

    If we using normal pump how we want to know the psi?

  2. Neville Rodrigues

    thank you for the work you put in and share … makes it so much easier for others … hope to return this favor to the internet community.

  3. Guy Fawkes

    How is this not common knowledge? Why is our education system so terrible?

  4. Minus ZeRo Degrees

    Yeah its sketchy stuff it can not only be a danger like it is but if it kicks up debris like rocks thats going to send someone to the hospital.

  5. jackthehatuk

    I had a 2 litre bottle burst the other weekend.
    I only had a standard length air hose on the pump.
    About 3ft. The noise was really bad, i thought i had done some long term damage.
    Was my first time trying these amazing things out, we had awesome results.
    I have been trying to find a suitable extension hose to add to the pump hose, but not had much luck.
    Wore ear defenders for the next launches. People watching from across the field said it sounded
    pretty much like a shotgun.
    Love your vids and useful information.

  6. TheMTrider16

    When we test steel pressure vessels, we make sure they are filled with water. This reduces the amount of energy released if the vessel should crack. Obviously you don't have lots of heavy shrapnel with the plastic bottle, but it might be a good idea for your heavier pressure vessels.

  7. Evertom ARTUR

    boba serena meu irmão

  8. FrustratedBaboon

    I am in a wheel chair and can only move one finger watching this.

  9. Marcus DeFilippis

    1:06 After I have taco bell

  10. LLOYD Mercado

    I wana see different brands please.. 🙂

  11. chulchess

    0:44 250 psi

  12. Melissa Ramgulam

    this video is good

  13. Carlton Fernandes

    where do you get that cap attachment?

  14. alexandre souza


  15. Down2Diamonds

    Oh you Russians. You all so crazy. And we love you for it 😛

  16. Víctor Pino

    Very very nice experiment, never thought these bottles could withstand 250psi with just some fiber tighting !!

  17. Ага Иваныч

    вы знаете я в детстве делал очень просто! карбид кальция +вода 

  18. ROMAN0000000000000

    ta čeština tam 😀 

  19. mickenoss

    Now try that with air hehe  =)

  20. Bud Watson

    I put dry ice in a juice bottle at work. It still hade juice, when it got big and ice melted I threw it on the floor and sounded like a gun shot

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