Boo Year 2 # 69 – Becoming Friends With Hydrox, Let Bad Moods Go, A Strange Loud Noise

Boo Day 477 and 478 Hydrox is starting to become my friend. It’s better to let go of bad moods than to let them affect your pets. Splash likes to hang out with Stella on top of the cat tower. I heard a strange loud noise and have no idea where it came from but Boo was acting guilty. Hydrox knows when the automatic feral cat feeder dispenses food and waits by it. Splash is the only cat other than Hydrox who does not rub up against my legs.

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14 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 69 – Becoming Friends With Hydrox, Let Bad Moods Go, A Strange Loud Noise

  1. Ej Holahan

    I too got something in the mail today. And, boy, did it make me smile ear to ear! It made me so happy! Peace, Love and Joyrides to Boo, Stella, Simba, Splash, Hydrox, Lady Feral and Grandma Feral. And Ditto too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Bad Billy

    My first thought on Boo's plate was marshmallows…like on hot chocolate….huh? on cat food? wat?

  3. Kim H

    Take a baseball bat to a couple of old pillows…you would be surprised how it helps.

  4. Liz Blue Bandit

    Stella was no Splash, the other mommy is feeding you. How sweet

  5. Zoa Langford

    Yes Hydrox is a very smart cat. I'm making him something special for Christmas to help keep him warm.

  6. megacide84

    Soon, we'll see "Hydrox Day" episodes. Fingers crossed!

  7. bluedrgnMethy

    I loved the Christmas card <3 it was so cute.

  8. duckie leebrowwski

    Cat lady, bless your heart/ Hydrox is finally rewarding your love.

  9. Meo Cover Home

    hhi so so cute !!!!

  10. Laura Gadille

    I took my hose off just in time before it got damaged by the freezing temperatures. Months ago I would say end of October.

  11. David Kirkpatrick

    Thank you so much for the christmas card! it looks great, i love it. Its going on the shelf with the one from last year <3 Super nice of you to do 🙂

  12. David Davenport

    I love when Hydrox is getting friendly with Lady LF!

  13. Angela Whittaker

    Hudrox is a beautiful cat

  14. d b

    Becoming friends with Hydrox! I clicked so fast! Lol

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