Boo Year 2 # 48 – Cord Cutting, Brother Buddies, Stella In Hiding, A New Laser Toy

Boo Days 443 and 444 Boo got the bed and the bedroom to himself last night. I finally cut the cord and got rid of cable TV. Simba loves it when Splash licks his head. Splash and Simba are best buddies. The cats had treats instead of crunches. They have a new laser pointer toy. It was weigh in day for the cats. They haven’t been weighed in more than 2 weeks. Stella hid under the table when she saw the scale then she ran and hid under the chair downstairs. She didn’t want to be weighed because she gained some weight. Boo and Simba’s weight was basically the same. Hydrox was hanging out near the patio. Stella and Simba were relaxing on the bed. The cats had play time with the laser pointer.

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9 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 48 – Cord Cutting, Brother Buddies, Stella In Hiding, A New Laser Toy

  1. Laura Gadille

    So busy doing homework I forgot my babies were on tonight. This project for class is kicking my butt.

  2. Lettuce Say

    Simba and Splash playing was everything,,,hahahahhaha,,,,,,,,,I get the sense that Simba knows exactly how to pull
    Splash's chain to get him going,,,,,, Stella did not want to be weighed,,,,,she knew she had put on a little weight,,,,

  3. evilash3373

    It looked like Splash wanted to bang Simba.

  4. C. R. Barboni

    You might well have a point re RFI/EMF pollution re the improvement in the vibe of the house, dear Lady; I would also suggest that a possible source of high-frequency audio noise (which might have been troubling the cats, especially Splash, while inaudible to human ears) has thereby been eliminated, which has to make the home environment easier to live in for all. Regardless of immediate cause, however, it is a beautiful thing to see the improved togetherness amongst the kittehs, with Boo an ever-more essential part of the family, as well as Splash's heightened ease in playing and all-around greater comfort in his own sensitive skin.

  5. maritia

    so cool to see them playing without fighting , the relationship is gonna be good ♥♥

  6. Tay -Tay Razors

    Simba is beautiful tabby cat.

  7. Meo Cover Home


  8. megacide84

    Good for you LF! Cable/Satellite is a ripoff. Internet & streaming all the way.

  9. Tay -Tay Razors

    What's up Boo, and Stella and splash and Simba and Hydrox

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