Boo Year 2 #47 – Shredded Paper In Bed, Plates On A Tray, Stella And Boo’s Romantic Morning

Boo Days 441 and 442 The cats ate their breakfast. Stella was laying on the shredded paper and got mad when I tried to clean it up so I put it in a cat bed to see if she would lay in it there instead of all over the floor. Boo got pets on the bed. Stella was happy laying on the paper in the cat bed. Someone stole and ate a whole sprig of fresh catnip. The cats ate dinner on a serving tray. The cats ate breakfast on a serving tray. It feels like I work at an Italian restaurant. Boo and Stella were laying on the bed together. Boo was so happy that his girlfriend was near him. Hydrox came by for food. Boo ate too much dinner when I wasn’t looking and vomited on the rug again.

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14 Responses to Boo Year 2 #47 – Shredded Paper In Bed, Plates On A Tray, Stella And Boo’s Romantic Morning

  1. Kim H

    That poor rug….

  2. Patricia Carragon

    a tale of two tails on Lucky's bed. Is romance in the air?. 🙂 But poor Boo loves to eat and pays the price. 🙁

  3. Vanessa Morris

    That 'tail' music was so good!!!

  4. Karen Oppenberg

    Snuggling tails!

  5. evilash3373

    That was fun. Pretty good showing of the Boo Crew for the live show. Now I'm tempted to go back and watch Boo Day 62-67 and take a trip down memory lane.

  6. Zoa Langford

    So cute Stella and Boo laying on the bed together.

  7. Joe Schnell

    If a cat thought something was funny, I wonder how the cat would communicate its “laughter” lol

  8. Tim Smith

    It was quite cute with Stella and Boo laying together.

  9. debbie boring

    That did go well this time. It was still a little abrupt ending.

  10. Doug Bloetscher

    Now that is LOVE

  11. Laura Gadille

    My life revolves around these vlogs and my baby. Ty for the adoption birthday wishes. She finally ate her wet cat food, bounced off her mother and enjoyed licking her favorite new cat nip toy. Mom had class so I couldn't spend much time with her but when I got home I gave her tons of kisses rather she liked it or not. Lol

  12. debbie boring

    YouTube you be nice this time. Please.

  13. David Davenport

    I love the Fab Five!

  14. dottie mathews

    I look forward to seeing this. I love these cats! <3

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