Boo Year 2 # 42 Pyrantel Pamoate For Cats, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine, Snow Globes Are Toxic To Cats

Boo Days 432 and 433 The cats all got StrongId suspension because some roundworms were found in Boo’s stool test. I bought Reese’s Pinworm Medicine because it has the same active ingredient as the Strongid which is Pyrantel Pamoate. A snow globe fell off the kitchen table and broke all over the kitchen floor. The liquid inside of a snow globe can be toxic to cats so the kitchen had to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned. All of the litter boxes were cleaned out and sanitized. There is a new stainless steel water pan in the feral cat water station. Hydrox came by for dinner on the patio. The cats are now eating their meals downstairs.

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9 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 42 Pyrantel Pamoate For Cats, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine, Snow Globes Are Toxic To Cats

  1. Arijeet Dutta

    Stella you are soo pretty and smart

  2. Lettuce Say

    Hydrox sez,,,,"LF,,,,,,while you are in the cleaning mood,,,,could you give my condo
    a quick going over,,,,,,I am thinking of redecorating it before Xmas,,,,,Hank has a
    relative who is an interior designer and if the price is right I just might go ahead with it",,,,,

  3. Lettuce Say

    Stella is so precious,,,,she always wants to be checking on you because she loves you,,,,,,also she wants to
    be sure the kitchen area is safe for her sons,,,,and oh yeah,,her Boo,,,,

  4. Mia Mee

    I think as cold weather approaches, Hydrox would feel safer in his house if it were elevated slightly. It would get him off the ground and keep the varmints out as well. Cats like to be perched above ground to feel safer. Also is it possible to add a heating pad in his house?

  5. Brian Smith

    Stella is one smart girl. She's very observant.

  6. debbie boring

    You are smart to get the meds for your self. That sucks about the snow globe. But thank you for the information about the antifreeze in the water. We lost our family dog because the fence came down do to a storm. And when he was out drank water from the gutter and with in 2-3 days he passed. Even though he was getting IVs and meds.

  7. Tim Smith

    It is kinda cute that Hydrox was sitting watching you clean things..he was probably curious and making sure you werent changing things up on him.Stella's look through the window at you was quite funny..

  8. Gary Hisgun

    Do the eggs multiply in boo's stomach and or could a segment of a roundworm be releasing new eggs in him

  9. evilash3373

    EAT YA FOOD BOO! Worms? Yuck.

    Taken in context. I thought you were showing us a plate of poop.

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