Boo Year 2 # 41 – Boo’s Trip To The New Vet – Cat Reality Show

Boo Day 431 Boo had playtime in the morning to burn off excess energy. He had breakfast. Hydrox had breakfast. Boo didn’t use his litterbox so I gave him some coconut oil to try to get him to go. I also gave him a few drops of valerian root to relax him. I put him in the carrier but he doesn’t like being in there. I sprayed some Pet Remedy on a toy and put that in the carrier with him. He did good in the car on the way to the vet and if I hadn’t hit so many red lights, I would have made it to the vet without him pooping in the carrier. He pooped only minutes before getting there. He was a very good boy at the vet and got a clean bill of health. He got some crunchies as a reward when he got home. The other cats were allowed back upstairs. Hydrox came around for dinner.

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16 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 41 – Boo’s Trip To The New Vet – Cat Reality Show

  1. Zoa Langford

    Glad Boo had a great vet visit and that you liked the new vet.

  2. Lisa Hart

    I'm so glad you've found a vet you like and respect. I know Boo's teeth were the issue, but did you discuss his vomiting? It's great that Boo behaved well, but best of all is his clean bill of health!

  3. Henry

    Boo"I'm the Magic Johnson of FIV"

  4. Tim Smith

    “WHAT did you just feed me?!?” lol. XD

    ‘Boodini’ lol!

  5. The Laughing Lion

    OmGosh the dreaded carrier. Sounds like Boo has a good prognosis

  6. Juanita Brown

    Good boy, Boo!

  7. David Davenport

    Glad to see that Mr. Boo is happy, healthy and whole!

  8. Anna NA

    I'm glad you found a vet who isn't overly dramatic about FIV. It is definitely a concern, but as a healthy indoor cat unlikely to catch colds or get injuries fighting, it is a much smaller concern. I'm so happy he doesn't have infected teeth! And happy that he's a lucky feral who doesn't need his teeth for hunting anymore!

  9. George Senda

    Hydrox wants clean water NOW with no stinkin' algae.

  10. George Senda

    Can i see your vet ? i have 5 bad teeth. 🙂

  11. Jerrilyn Papilon

    Do the people at the veterinarian clinic know Boo is a celebrity cat?

  12. Rosalind Hambleton

    Very happy to hear that Boo had such a good behavior at the vet. Bravo Boo. More important is that he is healthy !!! Wonderful news.

  13. gabrielsyt

    Boo looks strong. I doubt there is anything wrong with him. Will be interesting to see the result.

  14. George Senda

    Talkie Cat was NOT being a nice kitty tonight. The tiny orange cat came up to me for food across the street & I oaaxed him to come over and eat & Talkie chased him away from the food. It's the 2nd time he has done this.
    poor tiny orange cat is so cute and hungry. I told Talkie he was NOT being nice.
    As soon as I have the money Talkie gets fixed. he will calm down.
    A new neighbor moved into my late friend Duke's apt and he has seen MY cats.
    I said hello & he asked about my cats and told me he feeds a cat who has not been nuetered and has been for 4 years and says the cat is wild. But he does not have a carrier. I had an extra carrier so I gave it to him and told him to put catnip in the carrier and he was very happy to get it and now the cat will be neutered as soon as he can catch him. He said he has been feeding him for 4 years. I think he wants to adopt him. he seems to really like the cat.

  15. Jerrilyn Papilon

    Boo is looking out of the window trying to get a glimpse of his used to be nemises Hydrox.

  16. Joe Smith

    Boo can be bribed into anything with crunchies.

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