Boo Year 2 # 40 – Bad News, Good News And The Day Before Boo’s Vet Appointment – Cat Reality Show

The cats ate their breakfast. It was raining pretty hard today. Hydrox was laying in the dry strip of ground next to the house. I put the tablet with the cat charmer toy video in the pet carrier. Stella likes to roll around with wet umbrellas. I found out that the manager at the pet store where I have been buying the raw food for the cats no longer works there. He had been special ordering their food for me so I left my order with someone else who is supposed to call me back with a status. I also found out that one of the vets at the holistic vets office where I took Simba earlier this year no longer works there. That was good news to me because that vet was the reason I didn’t take Boo there also. The cats has play time with the laser pointer. The cats tried Beech Nut Organic Carrots baby food. Stella, Splash, and Simba all had to stay downstairs because I have to bring a stool sample from Boo to the vet.

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12 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 40 – Bad News, Good News And The Day Before Boo’s Vet Appointment – Cat Reality Show

  1. David Davenport

    Sending pawsitive vibes Boo's way!

  2. Betty Smith

    I feel your pain with the vet issue. Have you ever thought about finding a veterinarian that comes to your home? For the last 15 years my Vet came to the house and it was so easy for my cats and less stressful. Just thought I'd put that out for you. I changed to the visiting Vet because the "cat only" vet and assistant I took my one cat to was so rough with her I vowed to never take her back there. I was almost in tears because my poor cat was so scared and they just weren't competent with working with her. I moved to another state and I have a lovely visiting Vet who uses holistic and traditional methods in treating my cats. Be careful with the baby food, I was surprised that some have garlic and onion in them.

  3. debbie boring

    That was fun watching Splash running after the laser pointer. I hope vet appt went well.

  4. Lisa Havekost

    LF, I've heard you mention that pumpkin seed is good for the cats, have you considered getting a pumpkin and preparing it for them? Or, are the seeds the more beneficial part?

  5. Zoa Langford

    Nice to see Splash playing. Stella is a funny girl. Hope Boo's vet visit goes/went well.

  6. Amanda Elliott

    8:30 boo looks at you with so much love

  7. Amanda Elliott

    Stella is adorable!! Just wanna snuggle her and all of them

  8. Jerrilyn Papilon

    Boo's poop lol

  9. S Robin Dittrich

    Stella is such a silly pretty girl. She loved that umbrella. Ahhh, Splashie was so cute chasing the laser. Lol. And Simba too. Hydrox, from what I could see looks great. He's starting to get his hair thicker.
    Sending positive thoughts for Boo. Boo Baby, we love you.

  10. joel mccoin

    Hello LF, hope all is well. I had a very similar experience with the raw food, that is the reason we went to makin it ourself. Good Luck with your food quest.

  11. C. R. Barboni

    Oh, Splashie, still inhaling meals so that he can return that much more quickly to his eternal patrol as the dear, brave Guardian of Feralia — which is why it undeniably lifted my heart so much to see Splash enjoying some spirited laser-tag play, unselfconscious, joyous and free to be just Splash for a few sweet moments.

  12. Wee Man

    1st!! Hi Splash!

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