Boo Year 2 # 39 – Raw Chicken Wings Are Good For Cat Teeth, Play Time For The Cats – Cat Reality

Stella went under a blanket for the first time ever. I’m not sure if Boo was trying to play with Simba or attack him. Boo ate a raw chicken wing. Stella would rather eat cat grass than a raw chicken wing. The cats had their weekly weigh in. Hydrox was laying in the sun. I unplugged the Catit Flower Fountain because it was making too much noise through the floor. The cats all played together nicely on the play mat.

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11 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 39 – Raw Chicken Wings Are Good For Cat Teeth, Play Time For The Cats – Cat Reality

  1. Kitty Cat

    =^.^= =^.^= =^.^= =^.^= hehehehe =^.^= mew ! ! !

  2. C. R. Barboni

    Might a food-puzzle dish help Splash eat more slowly — or would his problem-solving intelligence simply enable him to make short work of both the puzzle and his meal, thus obviating the slowdown attempt? I get the definite impression that dutiful Splashie is bolting his food to allow him to return that much more quickly to his endless patrol; purrhaps a silvervine-spiked appetizer might help Splash slow down and enjoy his food at a more moderate pace.

  3. Raccoon man 60

    I will have to get Stella some Boleyn and Branch linens for Christmas, she enjoys the finer things in life.

  4. C. R. Barboni

    Stella appears to be a firm believer in the pawsitive effects of linen, enough so that she was willing to slip under the cotton bedspread in order to access the new linen duvet cover directly; she doesn't appear to share Simba's fondness for enveloping himself in the bedspread — no auto-purrito for the Queen, it would seem.

  5. S Robin Dittrich

    Boo loves his chicken wings. Baby Daddy Boo deserves his raw treats. He's looking pretty good. I love watching Boo eat. Oh. Watching him eat raw food is not gross.

  6. Raccoon man 60

    I believe Stella and Boo are brother and sister

  7. David Davenport


  8. Lisa S

    Boo said "back off Simba and I got this"

  9. C. R. Barboni

    Way to crunch an orally-healthy treat, Boo! (Re your concerns over the potential for choking, dear Lady: there are a number of online videos in which purrforming a Heimlich maneuver on a cat is demonstrated; if only for your own peace of mind, it might be worth learning the technique.)

  10. Jerrilyn Papilon

    Boo is a chicken wig lover like me lol

  11. Raccoon man 60

    Boo said I want Popeyes fried chicken

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