Boo Year 2 # 35 – A Vet Appointment For Boo, Catit Flower Fountain, Simba In The Cat Stroller

Boo Day 421 The cats got weighed. Not eating crunchies has not really affected their weight. I found a highly rated holistic vet and made a vet appointment for Boo but we have to wait 10 days for it. Boo vomited liquid vomit. I planted new cat grass. Simba spent some time in the cat stroller. He seems to like it. I set up the Catit Flower Fountain for the cats.

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18 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 35 – A Vet Appointment For Boo, Catit Flower Fountain, Simba In The Cat Stroller

  1. Lucky Ferals

    This is a reminder that Boo's vet appointment is not because of vomiting but because he lost a second tooth.

  2. steven clark

    the water filter looks fine and i can't hear anything off it …
    simba looked mega cute in the stroller..
    boo well happy getting alone time with his mom plus loads of petting .

  3. Arijeet Dutta

    Aww Simba look soo cute in the video in the cat stroller

  4. Laura Gadille

    Does wheat grass make cats vomit? I think I want to start Fiesta on it if it doesn't.

  5. Rosalind Hambleton

    Hope that Boo will get his vet appointment sooner for his tooth. Simba looks so adorable in the stroller !!!

  6. debbie boring

    Sorry little Boo is still feeling sick. Hope they get an opening sooner. Simba looked so cute in the buggy. Should have known he would be the first one to try it out. Take it easy. Like your new picture with Boo.

  7. Laura Gadille

    Since I changed Fiesta diet to a more natural, she is vomiting less. Over all she's doing great. I just wish she would eat more wet food to help clean her urinary system.

  8. Frida B

    What is a Holistic vet ?

  9. Lettuce Say

    Awwww—-poor Boo,,,,I hope you feel better soon,,,,I love you Boo Boo,,,

  10. pj Finn

    Simba does like the stroller, but not with the mess cover on. Really concerned about Boo vomiting, this is not good at all, hope the vet can solve this issue. It's a reason why all the cats strike out at Boo sometimes. Cats talk to each other. Hope Boo gets well soon. Hope he's okay. Simba so cute, looks like a little lion inside of the stroller. Thanks for sharing.

  11. S Robin Dittrich

    Simba! Quit being mean to your Daddy Boo! Sigh. Simba lol. You are way too cool and cute in that stroller. Lol. Simba you're such a purrfect baby boy. You are your Daddy's Boy son.
    Boo Velvet, keep chillin' out.

  12. evilash3373

    LOL at the cat puke. Must be something about this time of year. Sammy did that yesterday ALL OVER the kitchen floor. Luckily I wasn't the first one home so I didn't have to clean it up. Sammy's actual owner and his sister got that honor.

  13. Nancy Darling

    Pretty kitties! Very informative video.

  14. S Robin Dittrich

    The great crunchie food experiment is interesting. I'm thinking, currently researching, what I can do for Magdalene and her limited urinary tract diet. I know I have to be super careful with her diet since she tends to vomit up liquid and often undigested crunchies.

  15. Jennifer Morales - Feline Films

    Aww I hope Boo is feeling better soon! <3

  16. Patricia Carragon

    i hope Boo gets better. Sending healing vibes to him. Much love to all.

  17. Raccoon man 60

    Boo I feel for you, I know about being sick also. Hang in there buddy.

  18. Zoa Langford

    That's so cute Simba likes the stroller. Poor Boo hope he's ok. Cats are so picky.

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