Boo Year 2 # 32 CENSORED – Hanging Out With Hydrox, Baby Raccoons Return, Two Piles Of Cat Vomit

Simba needs to get along better with Boo. Hydrox was hanging out in the dirt by the house. It was mail time. The raccoon babies have gotten a little bigger and are still coming around the automatic feral cat feeder to look for food. I found two piles of cat vomit downstairs. Hydrox was hanging out on the patio looking for dinner.

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12 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 32 CENSORED – Hanging Out With Hydrox, Baby Raccoons Return, Two Piles Of Cat Vomit

  1. St. Apollonius

    Awesome to hear that about simba rubbing up against boo:)

  2. Tim Smith

    I just ate dinner before watching this so i wussed out and went for censored,lol it is nice to see Mr Hydrox chilling..hopefully all the other critters arent jacking all of his food from him,lol
    The artwork at mailtime was pretty cool 🙂

  3. Lisa Hart

    Chroma captured the cats' personalities as well as their appearance. Nice job!

  4. Zoa Langford

    Very nice picture. I wish I could draw like that to. Nice to see Bingo and Bongo. They are getting really big. I was just thinking about them the other day.

  5. Kalena Natalie

    Hydroxs was sitting so adorable in the end !!!! I think he wants you to spend a little time with him too! He is really coming around! That's great! Do you see the boo look like at all anymore ? Or the cat that kinda resembles Stella ?

  6. C. R. Barboni

    You are probably right, dear Lady, that Splash was responsible for your dispiriting discoveries: while all kittehs are creatures of habit, Splashie (the presumed spectrum-riding kitteh) is most severely perturbed by any change in routine, so purrhaps the change in meal venue disturbed him enough to precipitate his recent meal-bolting behavior.

  7. David Davenport

    Looks like Hydrox is trusting you more…

  8. C. R. Barboni

    Eating purrmits all with Boo, it appears: purrhaps a quick nibble slipped to him before mealtime will allow him to participate, albeit passively, in the pre-prandial body-rubbing love fest. Regardless, Boo's ability to eat comfortably around Simba is pawsitive, even given his single-minded focus on his food.

  9. Patty McK

    Chroma did such a good job on the drawing. Each of their personalities really came through.

  10. debbie boring

    I Love Chroma's Fan Art that is great. I love how Splash is hiding in the back, how true is that. That will make a great addition to the walls. So sorry to hear Splash may have been your sicky. Like you said may be eating to fast or to much. Sounds like Boo. Thanks for the videos.

  11. Raccoon man 60

    Boo, Simba, Splash and Stella when you’re package arrives tell LF you will open the package and she can go check on Hydrox.

  12. heather nicole

    Censored: Hydrox Gives Birth??

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