Boo Year 2 # 29 – Feeding Cats, Petting Boo, Splash Ate A Meaty Stick – Cat Reality Show

The cats ate their breakfast separately – Boo upstairs and the other cats downstairs. Hydrox ate breakfast under the tablecloth on the patio table. Boo got lots of pets. Stella got pets on the cat tower. Hydrox knows where every dry spot in the yard is. Splash at a meaty stick.

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18 Responses to Boo Year 2 # 29 – Feeding Cats, Petting Boo, Splash Ate A Meaty Stick – Cat Reality Show

  1. Doug Bloetscher

    Splash is doing great. Maybe that is what he needs,some alone time with LF mom.

  2. Patricia Carragon

    i'm glad you separated poor Boo for feeding time. He needs to learn portion control and reduce his puke time on the rugs. Poor Boo is a sweet big baby, crying to join the other cats. Lucky, happy end of Summer to you.

  3. Ben Winkel

    Maybe the camera is making some noise that's inaudible to us, that the cat's don't like.
    Some electronic components like inductors and transformers can make very high pitch sounds.

  4. Ben Winkel

    Splash enjoyed his alone time downstairs with you >^.^<

  5. David Kirkpatrick

    When Splash was eating his treat and ate the piece of chicken for a second i thought it was a piece of plaster and i was like oh Splash no. Thankfully it was food.

  6. St. Apollonius

    I once sore a finger covering that was partially rubber for the use of brushing their teeth and gums…Sorry I don`t know the name.

  7. Brad James

    I love the little white flecks on Boos fur.

  8. Vanessa Morris

    I love Splashy! He is making so much progress!

  9. TheRickyG

    mukbang lololol

  10. Bob Lamb

    They make cat sized toothbrushes (and cat flavors toothpaste) but training an adult cat to let you brush his (or her) teeth can be a real challenge. Even kittens won't like it at first but they can't fight back as effectively. Maybe a q-tip for the herbs on Boo's gums.

  11. Christine H

    Braveheart Splash goes for elevator butt and meaty stick! You are such a cutie pie, Splashy. Hydrox really loves "his" backyard.

  12. timbo dut

    I like the way Lady LF says "herbs" . She says "urbs". Reminds me of Eliza Doolittle on My Fair Lady. She says "Just you wait 'Enry 'Iggins, just you wait. Just kidding,,,,I adore the fluffs,,,,bless 'em all !

  13. Tim Smith

    The Technology wizard brothers are getting a hang of that tablet operation. It is nice seeing Splash getting some alone treat worries of his bro coming and stealing it from him.

  14. Christine Lee

    awwwww splash is sooo cutee talking to you!!! his meows!! all the cats needs some calming herbs.

  15. Shoshana Hyalos

    Sweet fluff babies & their sweet mommy

  16. debbie boring

    I love muck banging. Who is this Splash? That is so sweet today. I don't think I have ever heard you tell of Stella nipping at your knees before. That is a kind of funny. Of course I am not the one being nipped. Boo is afraid he is missing out. I'm glad you got to interact with Splash more that was nice. Hydrox is so smart.

  17. cats richard

    I am digging that thumbnail . I thought it was a thermometer at first .

  18. Karen Oppenberg

    Yay Splashy!!! I love his squeaky meows. I love the thumbnail of him. Stella’s fluffy belly is so cute!

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