Bikers Cry Over Preserved Pet | American Stuffers

Daniel Ross reveals Toot Toot to his clients and things get very emotional!

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20 Responses to Bikers Cry Over Preserved Pet | American Stuffers

  1. Scruffy the Wolf

    We might get our beloved bunny lop stuffed. Because we will treat her like she is still alive and she will always be a part of the family.

  2. Madame Velvet the Dutchie

    fucking fuck why you gotta make me cry dude

  3. coral reef docs

    oh god my eyes are burning like hell

  4. Furry QueenTrash

    I am literally probably going to doe from dehydration when my pup passes cause I'll be crying so much

  5. G Will

    hahahaha one guy on here says "you can tell the dog is stuffed the face is odd"? No the dog is dead that's why its odd but the opening words to this video says some scenes may be disturbing…whats disturbing is stuffing a pet and even more disturbing is the people who get it done….

  6. benjamixmaster

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  7. Harvey Floyd

    This cool some people its hard to let go of there loving pet I understand why people do this to there pets I would do this.if people can't understand that's all them . this is not for everyone but it does help for the lost of a beloved pet .

  8. rickysmyth

    That's pretty cool lol if I were getting it done I'd do a sleeping pose though

  9. Inge VS

    Creepy , you can tell the dog is stuffed…the face is odd.

    I also adored my cats…but i never considered getting them stuffed.
    A pretty picture is enough to remember them.

    Wouldn't want anyone to skin my dead cats and throw their actual bodies on a trashpile and use the skin to make a replica.
    It's just the body that needs to be respected and get a proper burial/cremetion.

  10. Madison Oh

    The dogs are all so cute and toot toot when I saw him he looked exactly like my dog ahhh that ran away

  11. Steven Kernicky

    hey when you comeing back on tv

  12. luvh8ucantchangeme

    Those dogs they're carrying? yeah, traumatized from this day forward. That must look like a house of horrors for those little guys. 0.0 lol

  13. Venusstila

    I had a cat in the past and she died. Unforunately some jerk shot her when we moved and I never found her body to bury it but I have pictures of her and that's enough for me. I don't think I'd want any of my animals stuffed. Not to say others could but not me

  14. derek pearman

    those dogs are like, "oh shit, i guess we'll be seeing this guy again." i wish they did something on this show like Pop up video on VH1. whenever he's petting the live dog, a bubble pops up from his head saying, "gonna see you again real soon buddy."

  15. David

    I love people who love animals, but wtf this is so damn creepy

  16. Bree McNally

    my best friend is obssesed with this show and now wants to get me stuffed, im not sure what to do. he sent me this video clip as a matter of fact

  17. PyroPisces

    @flyingfreak123 Exactly, I would rather have a photo album of my pet then them stuffed with fake eyes

  18. xXSlaughteredXx

    @flyingfreak123 that and it doesnt blink….my grandma has her old cat on her tv and watches you. its sooo creepy

  19. xXSlaughteredXx

    the chihuahua looks sooo scared xD its like "oh my god im surrounded by the dead! THIS MUST BE HELL"

  20. Buttercup

    i couldnt help but notice that her dog keept looking scared as if to think oh dear jesus… this plce doesnt look so nice or friendly at all those other creatures look fake i dont wanna get stuffed like that when i die!"

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