Biggest Taxidermy Fails

This video of different botched animal preservation will have you giggling for sure. These are the 20 biggest taxidermy fails ever.

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20 Responses to Biggest Taxidermy Fails

  1. Charlie Reddick

    Awesome commentary xD very funny

  2. Mikalah Alexandra Dinglasan

    Who else thinks that that fox sitting down reminds you of fantastic Mr fox?

  3. Yellowsnow

    Ha ha ha ha

  4. Oona Allen

    number 12 dwl

  5. Tegan Yelton

    the donkey was born deformed…

  6. Shark Bait

    Bashing people for the way they grieve for their pets just because you don’t like it.. nice.

  7. Agustín Conde De Boeck

    This is f***ing blasphemous… God is gonna shove a thunderbolt up our arses.

  8. Kim Gustafson

    His humor was dumb and not very funny

  9. Wyatt Garwick

    congrats the thumbnail wasn't fake

  10. amhar FM

    lol a refrigerator

  11. Vodcat

    WTF are you talking about….

  12. Sophia angela Magnaye

    1:19 it is edited

  13. True Dat

    Hopefully these animals weren't killed just to be remade horribly. These are so disrespectfully done. Wtf! This isn't funny. These were live animals that were probably killed just to be taxidermied.

  14. will peasley

    i pooped my pants

  15. Dr Lizard Man

    18 is a rug and I think it's pretty good.

  16. Lynnzl

    How can you make a top 20 like this and not include the gripsholm lion.
    I feel betrayed.

  17. Moises Garcia Marquez

    Nope… Chuck testa 😐

  18. Hanji Rizzo

    the lion is accually done well. shut up

  19. Hanji Rizzo

    stop talking

  20. Saber Cyan

    I like his accent

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