Bigfoot, Man wants to Taxidermy Sasquatch

6/24/2016 Fecal matter found in beaver Dams New York buy Dog
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19 Responses to Bigfoot, Man wants to Taxidermy Sasquatch

  1. Gary Burke

    Quit eating the evidence!!!! Hahaha

  2. Hush Puppy

    I would call Cornell ,But I love the humor ,Genius !

  3. Ruthann Alexander

    I’m from Cornell, and I was there. I set up the surveying equipment and took the fecal matter with us. We’ve discovered some powerful properties contained within Sasquatch feces. It’s like being on steroids, except better for you.

  4. Jeff La Chappelle

    Needs to b locked away

  5. Sympathetic Misanthrope

    More importantly, semen collection and processing.

  6. Michael Wilcox

    i thought you already had bigfoot dna?

  7. Ben S

    I don’t know how this guy keeps a straight face

  8. John Nebe

    this is too much this guy is over the top. Next he will show us a bigfoot watching tv.

  9. Reg Williams RC

    this guy looks like the guy of iron man

  10. Tammy Huennerkopf

    You did not!

  11. Tammy Huennerkopf

    That dog "Tonka" found that. Good sniffer with no fear. Oh goodness.

  12. Tammy Huennerkopf

    Don't let Tonka or the beautiful Lab get hurt. He knows. Save the dogs.

  13. Tammy Huennerkopf

    OMG!!!!! ;];]

  14. breakingbeans

    I wonder why that fecal specimen doesn't taper off at the end?

  15. garrick barnard

    fresh huh-why did the whole thing move like Styrofoam when you touched it=idiot

  16. D. R. H.

    Good Boy Tonka, Good Boy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Opossum Cod's

    Why didn't you pick out your donkey food???

  18. Scott Montgomery

    My dog would have rolled around in that bigfoot dump.

  19. John Trelevas

    If u need another collar for that dog, I got a few I can lend you!

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