Betta Fish for Show How to Groom Bettas A Guide to Grooming your Fighting Fish Pets

This video teaches betta fish owners how to groom their own bettas with ease. Guides or videos on this subject is somewhat lacking so here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

Trimming fins are used mostly by pet owners who want to have a big chance in winning competitions but it’s not just for competition, trimming may be an additional activity between pet lover and their pet. Like me I just want to trim my fish pets so they always look good and to avoid fin rot. I hope when you do this, you practice extreme care. Competitors usually go beyond the normal trimming to make the fins super beautiful just to win an award. Not all but some are not thinking of what might happen to their betta, they just want to win. Excessive trimming hurts the fish so I hope you don’t overdo it.

19 Responses to Betta Fish for Show How to Groom Bettas A Guide to Grooming your Fighting Fish Pets

  1. Anna D

    I can't even watch this, because someone mentioned cutting the fins. Thank you, I'm gone from here. I could barely handle it when the betta was knocked out.

  2. oogallecta

    This is disgusting to me

  3. sachin h

    ur sooo jobless

  4. Dogperson63 Animal

    You should never call your pet ugly. If you don't like who your pet is on the inside, and if you have to groom that pet just to make yourself like it, you should not be a pet owner, Phukett Betta.

  5. AHMad ALi

    Oh it is so painful video

  6. Shey's Betta

    Instead of trimming the fins, breeders should selectively breed in order to produce nice fins, that do not become too big. There is a standard for breeding and if you stick to it, your fish will have no problem with swimming and they will look nice without trimming them away. Doing that just showcases a lack of patience or maybe even a lack of genetic knowledge.

  7. MX_MOON

    To everyone who is being extremely critical, just know that this is an educational video on a safer way of trimming your fish. The betta looks healthy and I'm sure he knows what hes doing. I'd rather people do it this way than just using scissors. I don't think this was exactly necessary but it wasn't extreme either. Thank you for the video. This is also useful for fish that have fin rot, fin/tail biting, or uneven fin growth. Bettas themselves are aesthetic fish as well as pets.

  8. NaeNae kappa

    This is a perfect video on how autistic people can get

  9. Alan Parr

    Regardless for competitions.., and if it’s legal or not for competition.., it’s cruel. If it is illegal and judges catch it.., the Betta should be confiscated from owner and the owner should be disqualified and also from other competitions for 5 years. Wow.., cheating in Betta competitions. REALLY…!!!

  10. Seah Han Sheng

    u are a fking idiot

  11. Planet Earth

    Guys it's just like cutting nails!

  12. Desmascouz 2k17

    You cut fins not to make it pretty but to avoid betta sickness

  13. Tony Kart Racer

    They all cut and trim betta fins, those that enter competitions……. it's just a dirty little secret (that's not even a secret) that they don't talk about.

  14. Dae 卍

    lol look at all the meat eaters whining like lil babies, whos the lil bitch now?

  15. Burnt Pretzels

    Oh no, i took my dog to get a haircut, so i took it out of its habitat and im abusing it! Oh no!

    Yall need to shut the fuck up. Its a damn fish, this fish dont know shit about whats going on. Everyones like "OMG STOP ABUSING THE FISH" and "THE POOR FISH IS GONNA BLEED" and so much more dumbass comments. This is his fish, he gets to choose what he does with it. The fish cant feel shit cause he aint got nerves in his fins. Now dont go into the comments saying "but the fish isnt in water" and saying so much more dumb shit. The fish turned out fine and happy at the end and it survived. So stop going into the comments immediately and saying "stop abusing the poor fish" if the fish seems fine at the end. And no shit its gonna be scared, if u take ur pet to a vet it will be scared too. So please, yall need to shut the fuck up and quit complaining about someones choice.

  16. Rockitty Lima

    it'll sound awkward if I say weeell I gotta go trim my fish

  17. Aminta Phersephone

    alright. yes it hurts the fish, but when your fish recovered from finrot and still have itchy snot hanging from his torn fins, grooming is the right thing to do to help the fish recover his entire fins. mine had issuis with swimming after his fins grew back wrong, so finally after 4 months looking at a fish with fin problems I decided to groom him too because I found it hard to look at and his fins where super deformed after the recovery.

  18. Juniper

    Before you comment, please do some actual research on bettas. Same people that have bettas in vases with no heaters and yet they're the ones claiming "abuse" lmao

  19. armouredcat23

    fish dont feel pain its just instinct calm down people

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